Discover the best gift cards for teachers along with free printable gift card holders to make an easy, thoughtful, and creative gift!


Coming up with teacher appreciation gift ideas is hard. If you don’t want to get them something that will just end up gathering dust, getting a gift card is probably the safest bet. They’re easy, quick, and always well received.

With that being said, a plain old gift card can be a bit boring. If you want to add some oomph to your gift, combine the gift card you buy with one of the awesome teacher gift card holders below!
The Best Gift Cards for Teachers
First things first: what gift cards do teachers appreciate most? We list our favorites along with the printables below, but if you just want to just send the teacher a gift card directly or digitally, here’s what we recommend:
Amazon – Of all the gift cards for teachers, Amazon reigns supreme. It can be used for so many different things! We Are Teachers even did a study and found that 45% of teachers chose Amazon as their top choice for gift cards. Starbucks – What teacher doesn’t like Starbucks? Target – Similarly to Amazon, Target has a ton of products so you can’t really go wrong with this. Barnes & Noble – Books are a teacher’s best friend, right? Restaurant – A gift card to any local restaurant is something that every teacher will be able to use. Prepaid Credit Card – These can be used almost anywhere so they’re perfect for any teacher. iTunes – Music, apps, audiobooks…there are tons of uses for iTunes cards.
Remember: You can get all sorts of gift cards on Amazon! It’s super convenient and you could even get Amazon to send the gift card right to the teacher.
How Much Should You Spend?
This is a good question, and it’s really up to you, but I think anywhere from $5-$20 is perfect!

No matter what amount you choose, the teacher will just appreciate the gesture. Everything helps! I’m sure they wouldn’t want you spending a fortune either.
12 Free Gift Card Holder Printables & Cute Gift Card Ideas 1. Amazon Gift Card Holder Printable
“Thank you for being an amazing teacher.”

If you’ve been following our blog, you know there are tons of ways to utilize an Amazon gift card. The options and deals are endless! (Free one-day shipping on Amazon gift cards too!)

Naturally, an Amazon gift card is always an awesome gift choice in my eyes. It’s one of the best gift cards for teachers too as Amazon has such a wide range of products.

I spent hours figuring out how to make this Amazon gift card holder printable to give to my child’s teacher, and I think it turned out pretty well! I’m sharing it here so you can use it too if you want!
How to use it: Print this 5×7 Amazon gift card printable on cardstock paper. Cut it out. Adhere the gift card to the card (I just used removable double-sided tape). Write your name at the bottom, or have your child write their name, or write a message on the back. Whatever you prefer. (Optional) Jazz it up even more by tying a ribbon or twine around the card.
Printing instructions: Click here to download. Then, right-click on the image you downloaded on your computer and select print. It should come up like it is printing a photo. Choose the 5×7 option and you should be good to go. (Alternately, you can try this link to access the printable image.)

Inspired by The Creative Mom

2. Starbucks Gift Card Holder Printables
If there’s a Starbucks nearby, your teacher will love this gift. Starbucks offers all sorts of drinks, pastries, and sandwiches so it’s perfect for quick lunch breaks or early morning coffee.

Here are a couple of awesome printable holders for Starbucks gift cards:

“Top Teacher: Awesome, Kind, Helpful, Smart, Loved.

This printable teacher Starbucks sleeve is so stinkin’ cute and a gift card fits perfectly inside the cup. You’ll just have to go to your local Starbucks and ask for an empty small cup to make this one a reality.

Get the free printable from Alpha Mom.

“Thanks a latte for all you do!”

Here’s another simple and cute Starbucks gift card printable, but it could really be used with any coffee shop gift card. If you have a local shop that you know your teacher loves, go with that!

Get the free printable from Eighteen 25.
3. iTunes Teacher Gift Card Ideas
Think of all the things a teacher could use an iTunes gift card for: apps, books, movies, TV shows, and music!

We’ve got a few good printable ideas for this one too:

“Because you totally rock!”

This is the perfect iTunes gift card printable for those teachers that really rock!

Get this free printable from I Am Momma, Hear me Roar.

“iThink you’re an awesome teacher!”

This is another awesome and fun variation of an iTunes gift card printable, and I love that it allows you to write a personalized message inside.

Get the free printable from Alpha Mom.

“An app(le) for my teacher.”

One last super cute iTunes gift card printable for a teacher. This one’s very clever with the apple pun.

Get the printable from My Sisters Suitcase. 
4. Barnes & Noble Gift Card
“For my wise and noble teacher”

Simple yet thoughtful! A Barnes & Noble gift card might be right up the alley of your teacher if they love books and bookstores.

Click here to download this printable.
5. Restaurant Gift Card Holder
“Teachers feed young minds, make little minds feel full, and create a hunger for learning.”

How sweet is that? We all love going out to eat every once in a while, so give the teacher a night out to enjoy with family or friends!

You can include a gift card to any local restaurant to go along with this. You could also include something like a DoorDash gift card for ordering in!

Get the free printable from Skip To My Lou.
6. Jamba Juice Gift Card
“Thanks for sparking my creative juices this year!”

If you don’t have a Jamba Juice around, you can include a gift card to any other smoothie or juice place.

Get this idea from Tatertots and Jello.
7. Target Gift Cards for Teachers
Most of us have a Target nearby and there are tons of ways to spend the gift card: clothing, food, home decor, craft supplies, electronics, and so much more!

Here are a couple of perfect printable ideas for a target card:

“Your teaching is right on target!”

If the teacher you’re buying for is a fan of puns, this one is perfect.

Get the printable from Skip to My Lou.

“Thanks for keeping me on Target this school year!”

This one is very similar to the one above, but with a bit of a different style. I love the “I hit the BULLSEYE with you as my teacher!” part.

Get the free printable from Landee See Landee Do.
More Printable Gift Card Holders

If none of the card ideas above stood out to you, these teacher appreciation printables inspired by Pinterest might work out better (download them here).

They are super funny and there are a variety of gift cards that would go along with each one. For example, if you purchase a prepaid credit card gift card, these would be perfect for that!

Because they have some blank space, you or your child could also write a nice personal note to the teacher which they’ll really appreciate.
How to Get Your Gift Cards Conveniently

Did you know you can get all sorts of gift cards on Amazon? That makes it even easier to buy gift cards for teachers as you can just skip the store entirely!

Amazon has a good selection of third party gift cards as well, along with multiple delivery options. Check everything out here.
Final Thoughts
These gift card gifts work all year round. They’re good for a quick holiday gift, end of the year present, or teacher appreciation week.

Thanks for sharing your awesome printables, Alpha Mom, Skip to My Lou, Tatertots & Jello, Landee See Landee Do, I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, and Eighteen25! Making it easier for the rest of us not-as-creative people to give cute, thoughtful gifts one printable at a time!
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