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Over the last two months, I’ve managed to squeeze in a little rearranging, reorganizing and a bit of redecorating. Not a whole lot, especially with Nate and Sasha, but enough to keep my creative juices flowing. One thing this quarantine has confirmed is that I need a way to keep my creativity alive. Since I’m not putting together a whole lot of outfits, focusing a bit more on the home has been a nice outlet.

These are little vignettes that I’ve found to make a big impact. Just like with clothing, the little details can be so important. Let’s jump right into it!

I first spotted the above Fferrone Design glasses, specifically the taller ones, when I was over a friend’s house for dinner. I never knew I could be so enamored by glasses but a month later, I still found myself thinking about them. So I ended up pulling the trigger and treating myself to the two taller (water) glasses. Keith knew how much I loved them and for this past Mother’s Day, he got me the wine glasses. I realize they’re just glasses but they make me so happy! I’ve also used them as a vase as seen above. In person, the detail on the glasses is so beautiful and they definitely have a nice weight to them.

Speckled Bowls: A few weeks ago, Alicia shared a post on her favorite ceramists. While I found all of the pieces to be beautiful, these speckled bowls are what really jumped out at me. After reading the post, I immediately clicked on to her site and two days later, I ordered them. I’m so happy that I did; They’re even more beautiful in person!

Photophore: This was on my wishlist for months, but it’s been sold out and quite hard to get. I randomly checked the site a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw that it was back in stock, I bit the bullet. Even when it’s not lit it looks absolutely stunning sitting on a table, a shelf or quite frankly anywhere. However when lit, it looks so beautiful and sets such a mood. There’s a version on Etsy but it’s currently on backorder until July.

Fruit Basket: I’ve had this fruit basket for almost two years and it’s still one of my favorite accessories in my kitchen.  I feel like that says a lot! For reference, I have the gold.

  Small Marble Tray: There’s just something about a marble tray that such a pretty element to a space or a section of a room.

Match Holder: This ceramic match holder makes for such a beautiful way to display matches. One of my favorite Etsy finds.

  Larger Marble Tray: And while we’re on the topic of trays, I purchased this one to display some of my favorite bathroom toiletries and it adds such a beautiful, luxe touch. I’ve also seen it in a kitchen to display oils, vinegars and other bottles.

CB2 Vase: I put this vase on my Kris Kringle list over the holidays and was thrilled when one of my friends gave it to me. It’s such an interesting shape and makes any flowers look even more beautiful.

Marble Bookends | Gold Candle Holders | Fornasetti Candle | Glass Cloche | Ganja Canister Jar | Bowl (similar)

Mable Bookends: In the last two weeks, I reorganized our bookshelves, something I’ve been putting off for months. Most of the things on the shelf were items I already owned with the exception of two things: these marble bookends and candle holders from Verishop (below). I find that bookends add so much to a shelf space, giving me the ability to display some of our books both horizontally and vertically. These have serious weight to them and add such a luxe feel. Highly recommend.

Gold Taper Candle Holders: I’ve mentioned how much I love Verishop in the past. Their curated picks are my favorite and I appreciate how they have a nice range of prices. These candle holders are displayed on my shelf and they’re the perfect addition. They’re not too long, making them work perfectly in that space. However if you’re looking for candle holders for a dining room table, they also come in a taller version. Could also be nice to mix some of both. Also, I purchased these twist tapered candles from HomeGoods but if you’re looking for something similar, there’s a great option on Etsy.

Coffee Table Books: I’ve been collecting beautiful coffee table books for almost ten years and I’ve built up quite a collection. I find myself browsing through them whenever I need inspiration and they also add such a beautiful element to the home. They’re not normally displayed like this, but I took this photo when I was rearranging our living room shelves and tables. If you’re interested, you can find some of my favorites in my Amazon shop page.

Please let me know if you have any questions on anything I’ve posted here!
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