Cheetah Girls


Cheetah pants + kimono - Novella Royale
Belts - Lovestrength
Jewelry - Sand and Grit
Hats - Brixton
Tee - Sage The Label via Swirl Boutique
White jeans - Mother Denim via Swirl Boutique
Styling + Modeling - @evaacatherine
Brunette Model - @callanoconnor
Photographer @thiswildromancephoto
Shot in Little Italy San Diego

Artist Fleur Woods’ contemporary ‘stitched’ floral art

Working from her studio gallery in the heart of rural Upper Moutere on New Zealand’s South Island, the eye-catching work of artist Fleur Woods is created using many layers of mixed media including print, paint, thread, gold leaf and inks.  Her latest collection ‘Bloom Revolution’ is a fabulous floral explosion and we caught up with the artist recently to get the skinny on the range.

‘Sunny’ original, $2550. Ode to Elma pendant lights feature above and throughout the collection shoot.
“The artistic process for me is really special. Each work has been created from flora I have grown often from seed – I love noticing details and so forage in the garden and roadside often for elements then create a flat-lay that I photograph and digitally muck around with before having it printed on to linen,” says Fleur describing the beginning of her creative process.

‘Clem & Pea’ original, $2550
“Once back in the studio I hand paint and stitch details of each work to create a series of seven originals. Each base image is identical but the work that goes back into each one is unique and has its own energy and allows me to bring touches of clients’ homes into the mix with added colours and personalisation – a connection that I love to make,” says Fleur referring to her commission process.

‘Rosie’ original, $2550
Mostly self-taught, Fleur’s New Zealand home is surrounded by nature that provides plenty of inspirational fodder for her collections. “My new collection is inspired by my passion for flora and my desire for others to connect with it and feel inspired by it. The pixelated images reference our use of technology to capture and experience nature, but they are contrasted with slow stitched and hand painted elements that bring about a beautiful pause for thought. I ideally want my works to inspire and remind people to take moments to really see and experience the magic of their natural surroundings,” says Fleur.

‘Lucky’ original, $2550
And as for her favourite piece from the new range, Fleur admits that choosing one is akin to selecting a favourite child though she has a penchant for ‘Lucky.’ “It feels like a special one for me – the pinks and greens are such a beautiful combination and I feel a lot of gratitude for my life as a full-time artist so this piece speaks to me on lots of levels.”

Photography: Armelle Habib | Styling: Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors assisted by Aisha Chaudhry, Jess Retallack and Kendall Troon

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