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Especially when it comes to our gear and equipment. As a runner, I will share my favorite gifts for runners and gift ideas for runners that you will love.  What do runners like for gifts? What do you get a runner for his birthday? These gifts for runners are perfect for runners at any level and for any occasion. Have fun exploring my favorite gifts for runners: 
My personal gift ideas for runners Race Bib and Medal Holder
What do you get a runner? As we finish multiple races per year, we proudly collect our medals. I have them in my bedroom for me to see as well. First I used simple hooks but I received a beautiful race bib and medal holder for runners a few years back which I really love.

A race bib and medal holder is a perfect gift for runners because we love sharing our success stories and show off our medals. It’s also one of the best gifts for marathon runners because they could use one medal holder for the marathon medals only. Buy from
Foam roller for recovery
What do runners like for gifts? While recovery is key for every running an excellent foam roller may be the perfect gift for runners. Foam rolling helps to decrease recovery time and muscle tension. A foam roller does provide benefits of a deep-tissue massage. I truly enjoy my foam roller and use it every other day. The foam roller I have been using for a long time is the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller and comes with Free Online Instructional Videos. 

That way even an unexperienced runner can learn how to correctly foam roll to benefit the most from this recovery tool. Buy from

My favorite gift for runners: A Running GPS Watch
If you’re looking for a more expensive gift for runners which for sure will be a great surprise, a running GPS watch is an amazing idea. Tracking your runs, heart rate and even find training plans on your watch is a basic tool for runners at any level. It’s necessary to be aware of your current pace, distances and heart rate during your runs.

As there are many different running watches on the market it can be overwhelming which one to chose. Here is an article I wrote about different kinds of running watches so you’ll have an easier time picking the right one for your favorite runner. Buy from

Running Water Bottle
Hydration is crucial for runners. I’m carrying a hydration bottle for runners with me during runs over 90 minutes and I have used one of these water bottles for years and find them super easy to carry along. While the strap allows you to hold of it without actually having to grip the bottle, your hand simply goes through the strap and that’s it. Non-runners may think a regular water bottle should do the trick, but there is a big difference. Your running friend will for sure appreciate this gift for runners. Buy from

New Headphones for running
Another gift for runners that is more on the expensive side is new headphones. Similar to running watches, there are many options for you to choose from. Over the years, I’ve tried many different headphones for running and got hooked with apple. When the Apple AirPods pro came out, I got them as a Christmas gift and love them ever since.

With these headphones, I can listen to my favorite podcasts and music during my runs. They stay in my ears and are sweat and water-resistant. Buy from


Running socks always work
Like I mentioned earlier runners are very picky when it comes to their gear. So even though finding the right running socks for your running friend can be hard to find, simply because you don’t know which ones are their favorite (and we sure have one).

Maybe you have noticed a brand while seeing them on a run, or you can also just ask them to make sure, you’re getting the right ones. Buy from


Special gifts for runners women
In case you still don’t know what do you get a runner as a gift, especially when it it s a female runner consider looking into women’s running gear such as sports bras, leggings or a pretty tank top. I also love the idea of getting a race photo that has a special meaning framed as a gift. 

If you’re looking for a gift for runners women and this lady is a close friend, girlfriend or even sibling, maybe you want to invite her to go on a running trip. I’ve traveled to many places before to run races. This doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re able to find a good deal on flights.

Another idea for gifts for runners women can be a gift box with a lot of products she may need for running such as body glide, Biofreeze, lip balm and sunscreen.
More gifts for runners men
When it comes to gifts for runners men, you can apply the same ideas. Even though I believe that men don’t really care as much about the deeper thought of the gift you make. I gifted lots of different things to my male running friends.

This was everything from all the things mentioned above to running gear, supplements for runners and beauty products. One of my friends once got a special running shirt and he is always wearing it when we run together.
What to get someone after they run a marathon?
After I completed my first marathon I received flowers, a T-Shirt, balloons, a marathon teddy bear and a bottle of champagne. My friends keep up the tradition with the flowers and balloons which I really love. If you’re at the finish line waiting for someone to finish a marathon and are wondering what to get someone after they run a marathon, don’t think too much about it.

Something very simple like flowers or a cute sign may totally be enough. My best friend always brings me a bottle of sparkling water, because she knows how much I’m craving it after running a marathon. Regardless of what you’re gifting your marathoner, they will be grateful.

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