Amazon Household Lets Your Family Share Prime Benefits For No Extra Cost


Are you using the Amazon Household Prime benefit? Find out why you should!

Maximize your Prime Membership with Amazon Household!

Can you share Amazon Prime with your family? Yes, you can! It’s true, and it won’t cost you any additional money! This Amazon perk even includes sharing Prime benefits like streaming and access to ebooks. I researched this Amazon feature to tell you all the details you need to know!

First, what is Amazon Household?


Amazon Household eliminates the need for family members to have multiple Amazon Prime accounts. Prime members who sign up for Amazon Household can share many of their Prime benefits with other family members in their homes at no additional cost! If you used to use Amazon Family, those benefits now fall under Amazon Household which has so much more to offer!

How does Amazon Household work?

In your household, choose one designated adult to sign up and pay for an Amazon Prime account. This person is able to invite the rest of the family to join their membership. Each home is allowed 2 adults, 4 teenagers, and 4 children under one account. Once all of your individual accounts are linked together, you can share Amazon Prime benefits like free delivery, Amazon photos, streaming services, and more!

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, follow the instructions below to add family members to your household.

How to add a family member to Amazon Prime.

Credit: Amazon

Setting up your Amazon Household is easy. This benefit covers up to two adults, four teens, and four children that all live under one roof. To get started, have one adult sign up for Amazon Prime and create an Amazon Household. At this point, they will be able to “add an adult,””add a teen,” or “add a child.” The participating family member is emailed a special login link to accept the invitation.

Each household can have two adult accounts, for those aged 18 and older. All digital content and Prime benefits can be shared with one another. Both adults also have access to monitor the accounts of the minors in their homes. As the adults’ accounts are linked, they must agree to share payment methods. It is worth mentioning that though the accounts are linked, the order history is kept separate. This is nice as it allows the adults in the home to buy one another gifts without the other knowing what’s inside the box.

Teen accounts are for those aged 13-17. Your teenager can shop on their own and if they would like to purchase something, the adults approve the order via text. Adults can also set an order amount limit so the teen can purchase without approval. The teen login is not compatible with Kindle or paid Prime Video content, but they will have access to most Prime benefits.

Child accounts are for children 12 and under. Kid accounts are not enabled to shop, but they have access to digital content and Kindle. This type of account allows the adults in the home to set parental controls and time limits.

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Does Amazon Household cost more? 

No! Amazon Household is available to Amazon Prime members at no additional cost. 🙌

How much can you save by using Amazon Household? 

Let’s get to the good part and talk about savings! A standard Amazon Prime membership costs $139 per year. You can also buy it on a monthly basis for $14.99 per month.

The amount you save will vary depending on the size of your family. A small family with two adults and one teen can save over $29 a month or at least $278 per year by choosing Amazon Household in lieu of individual memberships. The bigger the family, the higher the savings!

7 Amazon Household Prime benefits that are sharable with family:

1. All household members can take advantage of Prime’s free delivery.

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One of the best benefits of Amazon Prime is the free and quick delivery. Many items are shipped free of charge and can be there same-day, next-day, or two-day delivery. With Amazon Household, everyone in your family can take advantage of this perk.

Note that teens cannot place orders for Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. They can, however, order snacks from Wickedly Prime.

2. A helpful Amazon Household Prime benefit is that family members can enjoy Prime Video.


Prime Video is one of the best perks of Amazon Prime. Amazon Household allows you to share these streaming services with your family. Adults can even set parental controls for their minors!

3. Family members can enjoy FREE books with Prime Reading and Amazon First Reads.

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Amazon has a huge library with over a thousand books, magazines, comics, and more. Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to this collection! From children’s books to non-fiction, there is something for everyone in the family. These books can be read on several types of devices using the FREE Kindle apps. They can also be read using Kindle or Fire devices.

When you have Amazon Household, your family members can share this perk with you. As an adult, you can set restrictions on which sort of material your child has access to read. Unfortunately, teen logins are not currently supported on Kindle.

4. Preserve and share your memories with Amazon Photos.

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All Prime members get 5 GB of full-resolution photo and video storage for free. Buy additional storage for as low as $1.99 per month for 100 GB. With Amazon Household, it’s easy to store all of your family’s memories in one place for one convenient price.

5. Get early access to the best lightning deals.

Amazon Household prime benefits include early access to lightning deals and amazon deals of the day

Lightning deals are time-sensitive deals that can help you save BIG. When you have a Prime membership, you’ll get early access to these awesome discounts. Lightning deals happen daily and also on one of our favorite times of the year, Amazon Prime Day. If you have Amazon Household, your family will also have early access to these great sale prices!

6. Use Amazon Household to share other digital content like apps and games.


Amazon Prime members have access to tons of apps and games. If you have a gamer in the house, sign up for Amazon Household so they can access free games, free in-game content, and even a free subscription to a Twitch channel each month. They also get access to several apps on Amazon like Audible, The Washington Post, and Kindle.

7. Adults can share discounts on important items like baby diapers.


Adults sharing an Amazon Household account get up to 20% off subscriptions for important goods like diapers, baby food, and more. Use the Shop By Age feature to find age-specific deals. Additionally, Amazon Household members also receive 15% off Baby Registry completion discount and 10% off hundreds of sales items throughout Whole Food Market stores.

Some of these benefits used to be part of an older program called Amazon Family. That program is no longer active, and according to an Amazon customer service rep, these Amazon Prime Family Account benefits now fall under Amazon Household umbrella.

    Are there any Prime Benefits that cannot be shared via Amazon Household?

    Yes. Unfortunately, not ALL Prime benefits are sharable with kid or teen logins:

    • Teens – This type of account login does not permit grocery orders with Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. Teens cannot upgrade photo storage, access Prime Music, share paid Prime Video content, purchase any digital content or register Kindle devices.  For other exclusions, see Amazon’s Q&A on teen logins.
    • Children – Kid accounts are not able to shop on Amazon. The reason to have a child account is to share digital content with your kids and monitor its use. Kids can use various devices to access the content like Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers.

    Need more information? Visit Amazon’s Q&A section on child and teen logins.

    Amazon Household Prime benefits include free delivery like this person with Amazon packages on porch

    Check out this feedback from Hip2Save team members…

    “My husband and I use it! We set it up a couple of years ago because we had several surprise gifts ruined by sharing the same account and either seeing the order or seeing the search history because Amazon likes to suggest things similar to what you’ve been looking at! It’s worked out great for us. He has his own login and I have mine and we can order each other gifts without the worry of the other person finding out!” – Liz, Hip2Save team

    “I love that it keeps the accounts separate because it’s nice to not have other people see your order history, especially for gifting. All other aspects, like payment options, addresses, etc. are separate too. I think it’s great for partners or families with older teens to split the cost of one account but get all the benefits of 2! There are certain promos that are only eligible to the account holder so I think that would be the main caveat, but the benefits outweigh that by a ton IMO!” – Emily, Hip2Save team

    Does your family use Amazon Household? Let us know what you think!

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