96 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure That Their Relationships Are Never Boring (New Pics)


We genuinely feel that a good sense of humor is one of the most important things to look for in a partner. No matter how tough things might get, they’ll find the silver lining, keep both of your moods up, and help you giggle your way toward bluer skies. (Being able to make someone else laugh with your jokes is also a wonderful way to get out of trouble when you forget to wash the dishes, but you didn’t hear that from us. That and tickling.)

Our team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the most hilarious and heartwarming things that the husbands and boyfriends of the internet have done to entertain and tease their partners. Scroll down for the best pics and we hope you’re taking notes, Pandas—this is a goldmine of how to keep your relationship fresh.

Bored Panda wanted to learn about making relationships feel fresh and exciting, so we reached out to Relate, the largest provider of relationship support in England and Wales which helps millions of people strengthen their relationships every year. Tamara Hoyton, a Senior Practice Consultant at Relate, was kind enough to answer our questions. Read on for her insights.

#1 Happy Toot Day

Image credits: Lockraemono

#2 I Made A "Play Boy" Calendar For My Girlfriend For Valentine's Day

Image credits:

#3 I Asked My Husband To Buy Plastic Cups So That We Don't Always Have To Drink From Glass Cups And Potentially Break Them. This Is What He Bought, And No, We Don't Have Kids

Image credits: ArchieFartsy

Hoyton, a Senior Practice Consultant at Relate, shed some light on what couples can do to make their relationship seem more fresh and exciting if things have been seeming stagnant recently.

"Individually, write down a list of activities you'd like to do and put them in a jar. Take turns drawing out an activity at random and doing them. It might mean you end up wild swimming in November, but that's all part of the fun!" she told Bored Panda.

"Ultimately, when you're stuck in a rut, the best thing to do is talk to your partner to understand where that feeling is coming from. Maybe you're spending too much time together, or not enough—but you'll never know if you don't ask."

#4 My Husband And I Did Maternity Pictures. Here Is The Best One

Image credits: Zethley

#5 She Looks Like She's At The Museum Contemplating What That Piece Actually Means

Image credits: whereisyvette

#6 I Was Worried For A Second There. My Husband Is A Funny Guy

Image credits: JessyPearl

Meanwhile, we were interested to find out how someone might show their partner that they love and appreciate them throughout the year, not just on birthdays and anniversaries. After all, while some individuals are very creative at gift-giving, others find it difficult to come up with original and meaningful gifts.

Hoyton, from Relate, had this to say: "The first thing to ask yourself is 'do you know what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated?' If you're uncertain, trying a Love Language quiz might help you realize all this time you've been buying them houseplants, what they really want is you to give them a massage once in a while."

#7 My Husband Photoshopped Our Cat As An Astronaut And Had It Printed On His Vans. Sweetest Boy In Space

Image credits: TripleXTina

#8 My Wife Asked Me To Pick Up A Roll Of Hannukah Wrapping Paper. The Criteria I Was Given Was "It Should Be Blue And White"

Image credits: bubonis

#9 Not Even A Day After Our Dog Had A Mass Removal, I Ended Up Having An Emergency Appendectomy. My Wife Is Taking Care Of Both Of Us

Image credits: ninja996

Couples in healthy and happy long-term relationships trust and respect each other, find each other attractive, communicate openly and consistently, and find way ways to support each other.

And that support has to be consistently there, whether it’s dealing with challenges like looking for a new job or making massive lifestyle changes for the sake of health, or something as mundane as dividing up the chores in a fair way.

#10 So My Boyfriend And I Were Beauty And The Beast For Halloween

Image credits: knittwisp

#11 My Wife Had Our Bedroom Paris-Themed. I Thought It Needed A Bit More Decorations, So I Bought This Baguette

Image credits: SC487

#12 While My Wife Was Away, I Had To Keep Sending Sexy Photos To Remind Her What She's Got At Home

Image credits: The_Craig1986

Having a partner who enjoys humor isn’t just fun, it’s actually beneficial to us. And that’s because laughing is great for our physical and mental health. Verywell Mind points out that laughter helps reduce tension by reducing the level of stress hormones.

What’s more, laughing gives us a sense of physical and emotional release, improves our immune system, and distracts us from whatever else is going on in our lives. Not only that but trying to find humor in anxiety-inducing situations can help us reframe the events as something far more positive. Things aren’t always as universally awful as they might seem at first.

#13 This Is How I Like To Make My Girlfriend Laugh

Image credits: CURcubeu0_0

#14 I Bought This Makeup Holder From A Thrift Store. My Name Is Not Hannah. I Asked My Husband If He Somehow Could Cover Up The Name. This Was His Million-Dollar Idea

Image credits: Darkangel1979

#15 Diva Got Some New Dresses In The Mail Today But Was At Work. She Really Wanted To See Them Though, So I Took Some Selfies To Show Her

Image credits: orchidderek

According to psychiatrist Abigail Brenner, M.D., it is absolutely essential to be fully present with your partner.

That means putting in the time and effort to connect to them, even if there are a dozen chores, piles of paperwork, and countless social media notifications waiting for you. Even something as simple as asking how they’re doing works if you actively listen to them.

#16 My Boyfriend Wore A Mustache And A Vintage Style Swimsuit The Entire Time We Were At A Water Park. This Was The Best Shot I Got Of Him

Image credits: AsSeenOnStevie

#17 My Wife Tends To Gather Her Hair And Stick It To The Wall In The Shower So It Doesn't Go Down The Drain. So, I Had A Little Fun Today And Framed It

Image credits: shankap0tamus

#18 My Boyfriend Asked Me If I Wanted Anything From The Store, So I Jokingly Said: "Yeah, A Car" And He Comes Back With This

Image credits: Curious_Glove_9433

Something that tends to happen in many relationships is that, as time goes by, both sides become a bit more lax. There’s no longer a need to impress each other with actions and appearances. However, Brenner notes that going the extra mile once in a while will be something that your partner appreciates. It helps to think back to how you behaved at the start of the relationship.

#19 My Son Was Really Excited When My Wife And I Agreed To A Pokemon-Themed Halloween Until He Saw My Costume

Image credits: nerge

#20 My Wife Won't Let Me Wear This To A Rehearsal Dinner, And We're Both Pissed

Image credits: NBAJam95

#21 Apparently, This Is What My Husband Does To Our Cat When I'm Not Home

Image credits: keepitloki80

Meanwhile, if you ever get into an argument (and you will!), it really helps if try to see things from the perspective that you’re both a team and that you’re looking for a solution to a very specific problem. Instead of dragging up all the little things that annoy you about your partner, focus on the core issue (it might be that they forget to do the dishes or it may be something more serious).

Listen to their side of things, don’t attack them unless you want them all defensive, and search for a compromise. Humor, here, can help break the tension a bit, too.

#22 My Husband Got Me Good With A Rat He Made From Clipping His Hair

Image credits: Pangur_Ban_Hammer

#23 When You Let The Husband Take Care Of The Rabbit

Image credits: Crisbel86

#24 My Husband Rarely Throws Out The Rolls. So A Week Ago, I Decided To Go On A Strike. Today I Came Home To This

Image credits: shadowreverie

During an earlier interview, dating and relationship expert Dan Bacon, from The Modern Man, shared his thoughts on the role that humor and playfulness play in relationships.

"The reality is that a couple can begin a relationship without humor being used, but the relationship will eventually feel a little boring and one-dimensional if the interactions are always rational, serious and straightforward. So, although humor can be avoided, it's much better to use it initially and then continue using it when in a relationship or marriage," he explained to Bored Panda previously.

"For example: When a man and woman first meet, being able to really laugh together and not be so serious all the time when talking or hanging out, signals that relationship could be quite fun and enjoyable in the long run. It opens up the possibility that a relationship between them could be one where they can both relax, be themselves and just enjoy life together, rather than being so serious and uptight. That is appealing to most men and women," the dating expert said.

#25 My Husband Made Me A Mel-O-Lantern For Summerween

Image credits: Brkiri

#26 My Wife Broke Her Ankle In 3 Places Playing Pickleball, So I Decided To Decorate Accordingly

Image credits: Trankleizer

#27 My Wife Finally Found Out Where I've Been Getting My Frozen Snickers

Image credits: Standard_Candle

"Then, when years into a relationship together, humor helps to keep the spark alive because it helps you feel happy, relax and enjoy life when around each other. The feeling you get when you really laugh together, sometimes even hysterically, releases all sorts of positive, natural chemicals in your brain, which then makes the other person seem more attractive and lovable,” the expert shared. "Of course, humor isn’t the only ingredient to keeping the spark alive in a relationship, but it’s definitely part of what does it."

"The irony is that avoiding humor and enjoyable interactions in a relationship actually drains more energy from you and ends up making you feel miserable. When a man tries to avoid humor and fun interactions with his girlfriend or wife, he ends up spending a lot of time feeling frustrated, lonely, unloved, annoyed, and unsatisfied with his relationship. Those types of negative emotions are draining, whereas the positive emotions that come with getting into the habit of being a little bit playful at times in your relationship are refreshing,” the founder of The Modern Man told us earlier, adding that if playfulness is missing from someone’s relationship, they can develop it slowly over time, like building a new habit.

#28 I Fixed Our Bathroom Picture. The Wife Was Not Amused

Image credits: mrprikei

#29 My Boyfriend Was Pregnant Beyonce For Halloween

Image credits: tfotheufo

#30 If The Wings Would've Been Cooked, She Might've Actually Just Laughed This Off

Image credits: RoyIsThaTruth

For some more goofiness and silliness, check out Bored Panda’s previous lists of all the funny and ridiculous things that boyfriends and husbands did for their husbands. You’ll find them here and here, as well as here, here, and here.

In the meantime, swing by the comment section and share how you and your partner make each other laugh, dear Pandas.

#31 I Left A Surprise For My Wife And Daughter To Find When They Come Home

Image credits: ion_nine

#32 I Made A Miyazaki Soot Ball From My Wife's Hair That Falls All Over The Place

Image credits: signal15

#33 Every Year I Give My Wife A Hunky Guy Calendar With My Face Pasted On All Of The Guys

Image credits: FictionVent

#34 During A 12-Hour Flight Delay, My Boyfriend Wandered Off. When I Found Him, He Was In The Middle Of A Pixar Movie Marathon With A Group Of 5-Year-Olds

Image credits: janeR61

#35 My Boyfriend Made Our Kitty Boy A Little Tin Foil Hat

Image credits: xiouxie77

#36 My Color Blind Husband Did The Laundry

Image credits: Blondiepicklez

#37 I Think My Husband Was Tired This Morning Because That Is Dog Food And Not Coffee Beans

Image credits: CaptnChristiana

#38 My Wife Insisted That We Start To Put Up Christmas Stuff. She Did Not Appreciate That I Put This Up In Secret While She Was At Work

Image credits: Greellx

#39 A Love Note From My Husband

Image credits: Basicsouthernwife

#40 Maybe He Won't Notice That They Are Gone

Image credits: 3cheers20years

#41 My Husband Got Me A Bouquet Of Mushrooms For Mother's Day

Image credits: MrsStrangelov

#42 This Is How My Husband Left His Boots. He Scared Me So Much

Image credits: haaslei

#43 My Husband Bedazzled My Sunflowers

Image credits: fivezenses

#44 This T-Shirt Cracked Me Up Because My Husband Was Truly Jealous Of The Way I Described One Of My Male Characters

Image credits: bethcarter007

#45 My Husband Tried To Plant A Sophia (Golden Girls) Chia Pet. This Is The Result. It Looks Terrifying

Image credits: nevermindqueen

#46 This Is What My Girlfriend Will Be Waking Up To In The Morning

Image credits: Transman5000

#47 My Husband Was So Excited About His Custom Card

Image credits: clovergirlerin

#48 Everyone Runs Into Our Garden Window, So I Made This Sign. My Wife Says No One Will Get It

Image credits: CatVideoFest

#49 A Decade Of Marriage And My Husband Still Keeps It Interesting. Not Only Does He Make Our Lunches Each Night After Work, But He Adds Art Too

Image credits: themothertucker28

#50 We Are Newlyweds, And Today Was The First Time That I Saw Her Hair In The Shower, So I Had To Do Something With It

Image credits: Sulfito

#51 This Is What I Saw At My Local Grocery Store On Valentine's Day

Image credits: fatkidseatcake

#52 Today I Welcomed My First Child Into The World. Here's A Photo Of Me Waking Up After Passing Out In The OR

Image credits: Hueybluebelt

#53 My Boyfriend Designed This Cake For My One-Year Anniversary From Quitting Cigarettes

Image credits: KarensRpeopletoo

#54 My Husband Made For Me A Van Gogh Birthday Cake, And I Love It

Image credits: farinha_lactea

#55 After Being With My Girlfriend For Almost 8 Years, I Finally Made It Into The Family Calendar

Image credits: gsridgway2

#56 I Asked My Wife What She Wanted For Her Birthday, And She Said: "Cat Stuff." I Think I Nailed It

Image credits: JephriB

#57 My Husband, Daughter, And Opossum Out For A Ride

Image credits: marsha123456

#58 My Wife Joked About Deserving A Trophy For Doing Basic Things, So I Made It Happen

Image credits: phesago

#59 I Was Taking A Photo Of My Girlfriend In The Sea And Then Realised So Was Every Other Instagram Boyfriend

Image credits: Lewy-G

#60 Making Tea For My Wife And I In The Dark. I Grabbed Two Tea Bags That I Thought Were The Same. Not So Sure Who Got Which Tea

Image credits: DavidIWright

#61 I Found Our Toilet Like This Today. My Boyfriend Is A Funny Guy

Image credits: kikiboulou

#62 My Boyfriend's Attempt At Flipping A Pancake Didn't Go Too Well

Image credits: fiskimasi

#63 My Wife Said I'd Never Find A Use For A Label Maker. I Can't Wait To Present Her With This Award And Prove Her Wrong

Image credits: StillBald

#64 So My Boyfriend Is Getting Bees In The Spring. It's February. I Think He's A Little Excited

Image credits: wilfredthedestroyer

#65 I've Been Feeling Anxious And Depressed Ever Since I Didn't Pass An Important Exam. My Boyfriend Has Been Helping Me Cope With Funny Pictures

Image credits: courtneybean

#66 The "My Wife/Girlfriend Made Me Go To The Mall" Support Group Is Underway

Image credits: 8amHangovers

#67 Wife Has A Habit Of Holding My Hand When She's Asleep. I Rotated To The Other End Of The Bed So I Can Watch Anime On My Phone And Not Wake Her Up. This Is What Happened

Image credits: nateaaiel

#68 My Sister Caught Her "Very Hard Working" Husband Sleeping On The Job

Image credits: imjustadudeguy

#69 Naps Should Never Be Interrupted

Image credits: RunOldMan

#70 My Husband Presented Me With Beef And Broccoli For Dinner. His Plating Skills Are Ridiculous

Image credits: WidLand33

#71 I Asked My Husband To Whip Some Heavy Cream. I Heard Strange Noises And Walked In On This

Image credits: Lilaflockensocke

#72 Last Month I Posted A Picture Of My Wife And Said That I Would Frame It In My House. Well, Here It Is

Image credits: EverettTokio

#73 I Was Trying To Take Serious Promo Pictures, But My Husband Did This For Half Of My Photoshoot

Image credits: JustMarveWrites

#74 I Overheard My Wife Grumbling About How The Doorknob Only Works If You Turn It Left. Instead Of Fixing It, I Printed Some Stickers. She Approves

Image credits: h00rj

#75 I Grabbed Myself A Midnight Treat Last Night. Apparently, This Is How My Husband Eats Ice Cream. Like A Psycho

Image credits: PrityBird

#76 My Husband Saw Someone Using The Zuck Lockscreen In The Wild Today

Image credits: oliviasolon

#77 I Think This Is My Boyfriend's Idea Of Being Funny

Image credits: sid54

#78 My Wife Didn't Want To Take Maternity Pictures, So I Hired A Photographer And Took Her Place

Image credits: DruishPrincess69

#79 My Husband Thought It Would Be Funny To Get The Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Image credits: pinksparklybluebird

#80 My Husband Thinks This Is Funny And Clever

Image credits: Laurawrbear

#81 I Asked My Husband To Hang The Mirror Above My Dresser

Image credits: eighteightfivesix

#82 My Husband Suggested Deviled Eggs For Lunch Today

Image credits: Floppycakes

#83 My Husband Has Taken A Shine To My New Crochet Top. It Fits Him Better Than Me

Image credits: crochet_in_the_glen

#84 My Wife Told Me To Grab A Handful Of Oreos, But She Didn't Realize I Could Grip The Whole Row One Handed

Image credits: dreadpirate_samuri

#85 My Husband Packed A Special Treat For My Lunch

Image credits: hmayf769

#86 Husband's Turn To Cook. I Pop In The Kitchen For A Moment, And He Says We Are Out Of Breadcrumbs. I Said: "No Problem, You Can Use Crackers As A Substitute"

Image credits: humankindbeboth

#87 I Have A Colonoscopy Tomorrow. My Husband Is Making Sure I Will Be Prepared. He's Such A Dork

Image credits: ChemEngecca

#88 I Had To Beg My Wife For This

Image credits: userbones

#89 When Your Husband Is Crafty But Ridiculous. He Made This Yesterday And Put It On The Front Door

Image credits: RamboFox

#90 I Bought My Wife A Gift

Image credits: glastonbury13

#91 My Husband Likes To Play Jenga In The Fridge

Image credits: Tasty-Pitch

#92 My Carnivore Husband Bought Some New Deli "Meat" Because It Said It's Unreal. He Thought They Meant The Taste

Image credits: No-Succotash-14

#93 I'm Out Here Supporting My Wife On Her Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

Image credits: DarwinismObvious

#94 My Boyfriend Gave Me This As An Early Birthday Present

Image credits: momi00

#95 My Husband Loves To Make Regular Old Things "Fancy" For Me. First, It Was A Bowl Of Cheez-Its In The Fridge. Last Night, He Fixed Me Water With A Pineapple Leaf Inside

Image credits: kelkelwithmo

#96 The Plastic Wrap Is Still On. My Husband Is An Animal

Image credits: smokywaffle

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