77 Halloween costumes everyone will love


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Don’t get us wrong: We see how strolling the aisles of the local party superstore could get you into the spirit of Halloween. The spooky music, the costumed mannequins, the creepy, silly front-yard decorations, the endless variety of candy...

But not everyone relishes duking it out for the last Toy Story costume in their kid’s—or their—size, then standing in long lines to plunk down a credit card. We’ve compiled the definitive list of this year’s top costumes for your whole family—pets, too!—that you can buy from the comfort of your own device.
1. Stomp through the neighborhood Credit: Cizoe
Stomp up a Jurassic Park-inspired storm in this blow-up costume.

Bring your fave dino back from extinction for one night only with this larger-than-(human)-life inflatable costume, in your choice of Pteranodon, Triceratops, T-rex, or Velociraptor. The T-rex and Velociraptor have optional sound effects to announce their arrival, as meat-eaters are wont to do. It comes in teen, standard, and plus sizes.

Get the Rubie’s Adult Inflatable Dinosaur Costume on Amazon for $43.46 to $46.92
2. Dream up the most comfortable costume ever Credit: NOUSION
There's nothing better than a Halloween costume that doubles as PJs.

The ultimate Halloween costume is one you don’t even have to change out of at the end of the night. Available in a variation of rainbow unicorn patterns (horn included), this onesie keeps you cozy on a chilly Halloween night and provide a colorful burst of color wherever you go. Reviewers say it’s best to size up on the outfit, which comes in adult sizes small to XL, to ensure maximum comfort.

Get the NOUSION Adult Pajamas on Amazon for $16.99 to $23.99
3. Star in your own ‘Toy Story’ Credit: Disguise
Can't you hear Woody's voice just by looking at this costume?

With the release of Toy Story 4 this summer, it should be no surprise that costumes of those lovable playthings-come-to-life are trending this year. This Woody costume includes a hat, vest, star badge, and bandanna. With a yellow shirt and a pair of jeans, you’ll be the spitting image of the toy cowboy. It comes in one size, which reviewers say fit most people, but may be snug if you have wide shoulders.

Get the Disguise Disney Beyond Woody costume on Amazon for $15.59
4. Don’t mess with this tough-talking doll Credit: Disguise
The yee-haw agenda is alive and well.

Channel the iconic Toy Story character Jessie with this cow-print jumpsuit and coordinating foam cowboy hat. The costume doesn’t need anything else to be believable, but if you want to go the extra mile, add a red braided wig and a stuffed horse. Reviewers say it fits as expected, in women’s sizes small to XL, and is of decent quality for the price.

Get the Disguise Women’s Disney Jessie Costume on Amazon for $23.12 to $33.80
5. Keep your eyes on the best-dressed-couple prize Credit: Disguise
Carb up your night with these cool potato-couple costumes.

If you and your favorite spud like to do the matchy-matchy thing, it’s hard to think of a couples’ costume that’s more s’mashing than this one. The one-size-fits-all costumes fit over whatever you're wearing and velcro up the back.

Get the Deluxe Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume on Amazon for $45.62
6. Just doe it Credit: Fun World
This poncho is the perfect complement to a deer makeup look.

Scrolling through Pinterest at this time of year is a surefire way to encounter a lot of deer-inspired makeup looks. If you aspire to achieve some doe-eyed glam, this deer poncho is a great way to complement it. The design features white spots around the arms, a tuft of fur on the chest, and a hood with horns (which isn’t technically accurate if you’re going as a doe, but still adds a nice accent to the look). It’s available in one size, which should fit anyone who wears women’s sizes 4 to 14.

Get the Fun World Halloween Poncho on Amazon for $25.04
7. Tune into your Spidey senses Credit: Riekinc
No matter which version of Spider-Man you choose to be, the suit is sure to be a hit.

Look like you were just bitten by a radioactive spider with this spandex Spider-Man suit. Choose the classic comic book-style Spider-Man or go for a darker, edgier style reminiscent of the recent movies. Reviewers love that the spandex fabric feels high-quality and moves well, just like a superhero costume should. It comes in sizes from kids’ XS to mens’ XXL, though plenty of women in the reviews say they were able to wear it, too.

Get the Spandex Spider-Man Halloween Costume on Amazon for $39.99 to $49.99
8. Reveal your inner superpowers Credit: Rubie's
The stars on this skirt aren't quite true to the most recent iteration of Wonder Woman, but they're so cute we'll let it slide.

Dressing as a superhero doesn’t mean you have to dress super-skimpy, as this adorable—and accurate—Wonder Woman costume proves. It comes with a headband, arm cuffs, and a knee-length starred skirt. The dress is available in women’s sizes small to XL, which reviewers say runs large.

Get the Rubie’s Wonder Woman Dress on Amazon for $35.96
9. Just add your own umbrella Credit: California Costumes / Cosplay DIY
England's finest stern nanny is a great option for a costume that keeps you covered up.

If you decide to float in as Mary Poppins for Halloween this year, any costume you choose—from her standard Edwardian-era nannying outfit or her fancier gown—will keep you looking sweet, no spoonful of sugar required. The classic Mary Poppins dress comes in women’s sizes XS to XL, and the frilly white gown comes in women’s sizes XXS to XXXXL and can also be made to measure. Both fit as expected, according to reviewers, and are high quality for multiple wears.

Get the California Costumes Mary Poppins Costume on Amazon for $36.59 to $39.59

Get the Cosplay DIY Mary Poppins Costume on Amazon for $119 to $124
10. Serve your ‘Stranger Things’ obsession as a Scoops Ahoy employee Credit: Party City
Your first job might not have had such a great uniform, but you can pretend.

Netflix released a well-received third season of Stranger Things earlier this year, so you can expect to see a lot of Hawkins, Indiana-inspired costumes this Halloween. Top among them will be the Scoops Ahoy uniforms worn by Robin and Steve for their summer job serving up ice cream at the Starcourt Mall, with their nautically-striped blue shirts, red kerchiefs, and sailor caps.

This Robin-inspired costume comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/extra-large. Reviewers say it runs small, but the romper and cap feel high-quality and less scratchy than some costumes can be. If a romper is still out of your comfort level, either on account of modesty or the chilly late-October weather, wear tights underneath.

Get the Party City Stranger Things Robin Costume on Amazon for $49.99 to $59.99
11. Or hit up the mall for a ‘Stranger Things’ makeover Credit: Party City
Eleven's '80s makeover makes for an instantly iconic Halloween costume.

Another cool Stranger Things costume to try out? Eleven’s extra-’80s romper from her makeover sequence. Sure, it looks retro, but it also looks enough like real clothes that you’ll feel confident wearing it out in public. This ensemble includes the blue socks in the picture, but you can throw on tights instead to give yourself some more coverage. Reviewers say the romper, available in women’s sizes small/medium and large/extra-large, is true to size.

Get the Stranger Things Eleven Mall Costume from Amazon for $39.99 to $54.99
12. Prove that it is easy being green Credit: Disguise
Is Luigi's time to shine here? If the popularity of this costume is anything to go by, yes.

Surprisingly (or maybe not, to dedicated Mario Kart fans) it’s the Luigi costume, and not the Mario one, that is more popular among Amazon customers. It’s also hard to deny the appeal of this Luigi costume, which comes with a green-and-blue jumpsuit, detachable inflatable belly, white gloves, green hat, and faux mustache. The costume is available in two sizes, medium/large and XXL. Reviewers say it runs small and is of good enough quality to last through several dress-up parties.

Get the Disguise Super Mario Deluxe Luigi Costume on Amazon for $34.07
13. Make others smile—even though you won’t Credit: Aphratti
Hate smiling? This is the ensemble for you.

With braids, black tights, and black lipstick, and a grim, smile-free face, you’ll be the spitting image of the Addams Family’s dour daughter. Reviewers say the dress, available in women’s sizes XS to XXL, is true to size and made of high-quality material that looks and feels great. If you opt for a navy blue dress instead of black, you can go as storybook character Madeline instead (just add a red scarf and yellow hat).

Get the Aphratti Women’s Long Sleeve Dress on Amazon for $24.99 to $28.99
14. Be the most welcome guest at the the party Credit: Wilton
All you need to complete this Belle look is a book (and maybe a Beast).

Break out this blue midi dress, apron, a novel, and into song to become the most bookish of Disney princesses, Belle. Because Belle’s dress is calf-length, it shouldn’t be a problem to wear to an office or any other conservative environment on Halloween. The dress is available in one size, which reviewers say fits women between sizes 4 and 12.

Get the Adult Blue Belle Costume on Amazon for $49.99
15. Dress as the coolest Disney princesses around Credit: Disguise
Sisters or BFFs will love these costumes.

As a couples costume or worn solo, the sisters in Frozen, Elsa and Anna, will get a warm reception, especially at a kids’ party. The Elsa costume comes in women’s sizes small to XL and fits as expected. The Anna costume, also available in women’s sizes small to XL, can run large, according to some reviewers.

Get the Disguise Womens Elsa Costume on Amazon for $64.37

Get the Disguise Women’s Anna Costume on Amazon for $28.39 to $34.80
16. Become a life-size collector’s item Credit: Silver Lilly
Going as a Beanie Baby helps ensure your costume is creative and comfortable.

One costume ‘90s kids can appreciate? This super-simple Beanie Baby getup. Just get any kind of adult-sized animal onesie—there are many to choose from—then print out a TY tag, cut it into a heart, and wear it around your neck. Sure, most Beanie Babies never panned out as a priceless collectible, but this costume will make you feel like one all the same. The onesies are available in sizes small to XL, which reviewers say are true to size.

Get the Abenka Unicorn Women’s Onesie on Amazon for $19.99 to $29.99

Get the Silver Lilly Plush Cow Onesie on Amazon for $29.99
17. Bring-your-own-cauldron optional Credit: California Costumes
This dress will make anyone ready to cast some spells in an instant.

With its bell sleeves and royal purple trim, this witch-y dress is an excellent way to stir up some sorcery. Reviewers say they’ve used it for a classic witch look, as well as a costume for Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The dress comes in women’s sizes small to XL, which reviewers say is true to size and feels comfortable.

Get the California Costumes Glamour Witch Costume on Amazon for $29.22
18. Practice medicine for one night only Credit: Costume Culture
No need to go to nursing school to look the part of a medical professional.

Any actual registered nurse will tell you that for the most accurate nurse “costume,” all you need is a pair of scrubs and some orthopedic clogs. But if you want something a little more fetching—that doesn’t involve a red-and-white bustier—try this vintage-style nurse uniform. The dress has bright red buttons up and down the front and comes with an apron and headpiece. It comes in women’s sizes small to large, which according to shoppers runs true to size.

Get the Costume Culture Women’s Classic Nurse Costume on Amazon for $34.44 to $42.99
19. Get edited on Ed Sullivan, too Credit: Rubie's
This groovy suit is perfect for rocking, shaking, and shimmying.

Swing your hips, curl your lip, and blast your favorite classic rock ‘n’ roll song to get ready for this Elvis jumpsuit, which has wide bell bottoms, and an unmistakable swagger. You’ll have to get the wig and glasses separately, but once you do, the likeness between you and the King will be uncanny. The jumpsuit comes in true-to-size men’s sizes small to XL.

Get the Elvis Deluxe Aloha Costume on Amazon for $38.01
20. Join the circus like you always wanted to Credit: Forum Novelties
Clown costumes don't have to freak everyone out.

Pennywise the clown of It: Chapter 2, may be a box office star this year, but you can emulate a decidedly friendlier clown with this “Giggles the Clown” getup, which comes with a polka-dot dress, bloomers, shoe covers, and two hair scrunchies. It comes in two sizes, “standard” and plus size, and reviewers say each fits as expected.

Get the Giggles the Clown Standard Costume on Amazon for $23.81

Get the Giggles the Clown Plus Size Costume on Amazon for $26.27
21. Look ship-shape (not overexposed) Credit: Dreamgirl
This dress looks effortlessly cute without exposing too much.

Take to the stormy seas—or your neighborhood block party—with this sweet vintage-style sailor dress. It comes with a matching cap and is available in women’s sizes small to extra large, which most reviewers say fit as expected. One reviewer writes that the dress looks more expensive than it is, due to its thick, “slinky” material, and the cut offers up an “office-safe kind of sexy.” If that sounds like what you’re looking for, this outfit is for you.

Get the Dreamgirl Women’s All Aboard Costume on Amazon for $29.57 to $33.90
22. Go on a swashbuckling adventure Credit: California Costumes
Avoid the plank with this super-accurate pirate costume.

In this pirate ensemble, you’ll feel more than equipped to search out buried treasure. Reviewers say the dress is well-made and has nice details—like a studded belt buckle, head scarf and leathery vest—that make it seem extra-legit. If you decide to go the extra mile and and add an eye patch and parrot on your shoulder, you’ll have some pirate-y je ne sais quois that can’t be beat. The dress comes in women’s sizes small to 3X but can run a little small, according to reviewers.

Get the California Costumes Queen of the Seas Costume on Amazon for $29.99

Get the California Costumes Queen of the Seas Plus Size Costume on Amazon for $36.42
23. Broadcast ‘50s fashion in technicolor Credit: Gown Town
The retro-chic vibes are strong with this dress.

Wearing this knee-length, A-line dress, you could be any character, person, or idea from a few decades ago—a Stepford wife, Betty Draper from Mad Men, Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, or Julianne Moore’s character in The Hours (that last one might be slightly less popular than the others, but you get the idea). Plus, if your style skews retro anyway, you may find that you break out the dress for regular, non-dress-up days, as many Amazon reviewers say they’ve done. The dress is available in women’s sizes small to XXL, and shoppers say it is true to size. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, like pale blue, red-and-white polka dots, and more.

Get the Gown Town Vintage Stretchy Dress on Amazon for $32.98 to $35.99
24. Bring death to life Credit: Tipsy Elves
This jumpsuit is a little spooky without being too scary.

If you want to go for a bare-bones look—but not a bare-skinned one—this skeleton jumpsuit is a great way to achieve it. It’s not skin tight like some skeleton costumes can be, but it still looks anatomically correct (well, as anatomically correct as you need to be on Halloween) and convincingly spooky when paired with a skeleton mask. It’s made of a cozy sweatshirt-like material that will keep you comfy and warm whether you’re barhopping or trick-or-treating with the kids. The jumpsuit comes in women’s sizes XS to XXL and runs large, according to reviewers.

Get the Tipsy Elves Women’s Skeleton Halloween Costume on Amazon for $69.95
25. Do October right all month long Credit: GloryStar
Hit up Oktoberfest and Halloween in this traditional beer garden garb.

Oktoberfest and Halloween fall oh-so-conveniently in the same month, so if you celebrate both, you can do so with just one costume: a dirndl, or a traditional Austrian and German two-piece peasant-style dress. This one, available in sizes small to XXL, comes with a dress, blouse, and apron for an authentic, “Bavarian forest” look. Reviewers say the dress is true to size, great quality and, in addition to dressing for Halloween and Oktoberfest, is a hit at German weddings.

Get the GloryStar Bavarian Dirndl on Amazon for $48.99
26. Give new meaning to BYOB Credit: Spooktacular Creations
Adult-sized shorts and bibs have never looked so good.

Whether it’s for an Oktoberfest celebration or a Sound of Music-inspired Halloween costume (or both) this lederhosen ensemble, available in men’s sizes small to XL, should serve you well. It comes with suspenders, a detachable bib, a floppy white shirt, knee socks, and feathered cap. A beer stein isn’t included, but there are plenty of those to choose from on Amazon. Reviewers say it fits as expected and is about as authentic as costume lederhosen gets for its price.

Get the Men’s Bavarian Oktoberfest Costume on Amazon for $24.99 to $29.99
27. Inspire a sonnet Credit: Boho Set
Get suited up for renaissance fairs and Halloween parties alike with this period-appropriate gown.

Autumn also marks the beginning of renaissance fair season and this period-appropriate costume can do double-duty with Halloween. It includes a smock and cinched overdress that you may customize like a corset to your preferred look and comfort level. Reviewers say the dress—available in women’s sizes XXS to 3XL—fits as expected, but if you’re between sizes, it’s best to size up. They also love that the fabric of the gown is light, so you don’t overheat in it, and it’s easy to wash. The overdress is available in varying shades of blue, green, pink, purple, white, and black.

Get the Boho Set Medieval Costume on Amazon for $47.98 to $59.98
28. Roll out of the pumpkin patch Credit: Fun World
This pumpkin poncho might just look like the one you had as a kid, only bigger.

Remember that cute jack o’lantern costume you had as a kid? Return to your roots with this updated version for adults in the form of a low-key pumpkin poncho. The one-size-fits-all garment fits anyone who wears women’s sizes 4 to 14. Slide it on over a long-sleeve tee and a pair of jeans or leggings, and you’ve got yourself an easy, wear-anywhere costume.

Get the Adult Pumpkin Poncho on Amazon for $19.16
29. Slip into something very comfortable Credit: Rasta Imposta
This goofy banana suit is easy to wear and great for a getting laughs.

What’s more appealing than dressing as a life-size version of everyone’s favorite fruit? This full-body costume slips over whatever you’re wearing for a low-maintenance get-up that’s a real crowd-pleaser, as a banana should be. According to reviews, it should fit most adults.

Get the Rasta Imposta Lightweight Banana Costume on Amazon for $13.02
30. Embody everyone’s fave fast food Credit: Rasta Imposta
Taco-bout a great costume, amirite?

It’s a generalization, but probably not an inaccurate one, to say that most people like tacos. Reviewers say this one-size-fits-all costume suits folks who are five feet tall and who are over six feet tall, bringing costume joy to a broad range of people—pretty much proving our point.

Get the Rasta Imposta Taco on Amazon for $34.95
31. Live in a material world Credit: Dreamdanceworks
These radical accessories are perfect for an '80s vibe.

Nostalgia for the 1980s is alive and well, if the popularity of this early Madonna-esque costume is anything to go by. The ensemble comes with a one-size-fits-all tutu, fishnet gloves, leg warmers, and beads. One reviewer writes that she normally wears a size 8 and the costume easily fit her and her teen daughter, who usually fits into a 00, though it may not fit plus sizes.

Get the Dreamdanceworks 80s Rainbow Costume on Amazon for $20.99
32. Dress for the dark side Credit: Amayar
The spooky possibilities are endless in this cloak.

An ambiguous black cape is the little black dress of Halloween—it goes with everything and becomes the centerpiece for any number of costumes. Pair with a wand and some specs and you’re Harry Potter. Pair with a skull mask, and become a recently-risen visitor from beyond the grave. Add some fangs and fake blood, and you’re straight from Transylvania. It comes in men’s sizes XS to XXL (though, really, how “gendered” is a cape?).

Get the Amayar Men’s Cloak on Amazon for $18 to $22.99
33. Be anything you want to be Credit: VSVO
What will you be in this lycra suit? It's up to you.

Do-it-yourselfers rejoice: This stretchy bodysuit provides the base for all sort of creative creature and character costumes. Get one in red, pair it with some horns, and you’re a devil. Get one in blue, get crafty with scissors, and you’re Sonic the Hedgehog. Go for black, and you have the base for any spooky costume for years to come. It comes in kids’ small to adult XXL, with an option to get it made-to-measure.

Get the VSVO Lycra Bodysuit on Amazon for $12.99 to $29.99
34. Feel at home in a speakeasy Credit: Cizoe
Serve up sleek flapper chic with these accessories.

The year 2020 is right around the corner, so it’s no surprise that many people are flocking to emulate the roaring (19)20s this Halloween. This set of flapper accessories comes with a long strand of faux pearls, a cigarette holder, fingerless gloves, and a feathered headdress. Reviewers say that, for the price, it’s hard to outmatch the quality of the set. You’ll have to get a flapper dress separately, or just use it to bedeck your own simple, drop-waisted frock.

Get the 1920s Accessories Set on Amazon for $17.99
35. Roar with the ‘20s Credit: BABEYOND
Achieving the look of a silent movie star has never been so easy.

Channel Gatsby or your favorite 1920s gangster with this accessory set, including suspenders, a hat, a plastic cigar, a pocket watch, and a bow tie. Reviewers say that everything about these accessories, other than the cigar (which is intentionally fake), look and feel era-appropriate.

Get the BABEYOND 1920s Accessories on Amazon for $17.99
36. Inspire your own metamorphosis Credit: Hitop
Whether they're for a fairy or butterfly costume, these wings will serve you well.

With just one piece, you’ll transform into a beautiful butterfly wearing this colorful cape over your regular clothes (or that spandex bodysuit we already mentioned). Reviewers say that, other than a tendency to pick up some serious static cling, they’re great quality and make it easy to put a costume together. The cape comes in one size and a whopping 25 colors and patterns.

Get HITOP Butterfly Wings for Women on Amazon for $14.99
37. Invoke 60’s glamour Credit: Gardenwed / Zivyes
This Holly Golightly look is so cute and easy to assemble, you'll never want to take it off.

Audrey Hepburn’s outfit in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is iconic, elegant, and easy to put together. All you need is a black gown, tiara, sunglasses, coffee, and a croissant. (The croissant is, and I cannot emphasize this enough, absolutely necessary to pull the whole look together.) In this costume, you’ll look and feel classy enough to run New York City society. The dress comes in women’s sizes small to XXXL and fits as expected, according to reviewers.

Get the Gardenwed Rockabilly Cocktail Dress on Amazon for $18.59 to $28.59

Get the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Accessory Set on Amazon for $21.99

Get the Oversized Cateye Sunglasses on Amazon for $13.99
38. Introduce the next generation to Atari Credit: InCogneato
A Pac-Man costume will take you back to your youth.

There’s nothing better than a classic 1980’s arcade game—except perhaps a cute kid dressed up as a character from one. This one-size-fits-most Pac-Man costume is easy to take on and off—simply pull it over your child’s head—and it’s great for layering with long sleeves and sweaters for kids who will be trick-or-treating in cold climates. It should fit kids ages 4 to 12.

Get the InCogneato Pac-Man Clyde Costume on Amazon for $45.99
39. Awaken the force within your child Credit: Disney
A flight suit fit for the best pilot in the Resistance.

Let your little one proudly defend the galaxy as Poe Dameron, the Resistance’s top pilot. The authentic-looking Star Wars costume comes with a one-piece orange flight suit, a half-helmet, an attached vest, and a detachable chest box with a hose. It’s also fully lined, making it a durable costume that can be passed down to a younger sibling in the future. It comes in sizes 3 to 13.

Get the Poe Dameron flight suit costume at starting at $34.96
40. Dress your little one as Sesame Street’s biggest star Credit: Sesame Street
You can't go wrong with an adorable baby Elmo.

It’s a known fact that cute toddlers look even cuter when dressed up in furry Elmo costumes. Always a popular choice for the four-and-under set, this comfortable costume is easy to put on—it’s a one piece that zips up the front—and will keep your little one toasty in even the most frigid weather. One thing worth noting: Elmo’s “fur” sheds, so you’ll likely end up spending November 1 vacuuming your couch. It comes in sizes 12 months to 4T.

Get the Sesame Street Elmo Deluxe Plush costume on Amazon for $19.99
41. Chauffeur your own VW Vanagon Credit: Rubie's
Scooby Doo and his trusty sidekicks will keep it groovy all night long.

Scooby Doo turns 50 years old this year and, in classic Hollywood fashion, his face still looks the same. Celebrate the birthday of this classic cartoon by dressing your child up as one of your favorite characters.

The Scooby costume includes a zip-front jumpsuit with an attached head and paws, shoe covers, a long tail and the Scooby Doo collar. The costume is nice quality—not cheap polyester like so many others—but it does run on the small side, so be sure to order one size up if you plan to add a layer of warm clothing underneath.

If your child is more of a Daphne or a Velma type than a crime-stopping canine, you’re covered: Both of these costumes come outfitted with wigs and boots, so all your kid has to do is put everything on before she heads out for candy. All three costumes come in kids’ sizes small to large.

Get the Rubie’s Scooby Doo Costume on Amazon for $35.94

Get the Rubie’s Velma Costume on Amazon for $21

Get the Rubie’s Daphne Costume on Amazon for $20.90
42. Tickle their funny bone Credit: Costume Source
A festive—and funny—way to channel your child's obsession with poop.

Kids think poop is hilarious, so it makes sense that one of the most requested costumes this year is that of a poop emoji. This costume is sure to get plenty of laughs at the school costume parade and on the trick-or-treat trail. The one-piece outfit is made of polyester lined with foam so that the poop holds it’s charming shape. It fits children 48” to 60” tall.

Get the Costume Source Poop Emoji on Amazon for $24.97
43. Prove that not all nightmares are scary Credit: Disguise
The King of Halloween Town is royally frightening.

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is still taking a top spot on the list of popular costumes. Take your Jack Skellington to the streets in this costume that includes a one piece jumpsuit with attached coat tails, a detachable bow tie, and a half mask. It comes in sizes 4/6 to 10/12.

Get the Disguise Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington costume on Amazon for $23.53
44. Bring the undead to life Credit: California Costumes / Fun Costumes
A spooky duo that's scarily festive.

Classic Halloween garb is classic for a reason. This glamorous vampire dress comes complete with a choker and necklace, so all you have to do is decide on appropriate footwear. The mummy costume takes our vote for the best combination of practical and creative: It’s a knit jumpsuit that zips up the back and is covered in gauze strips. You can arrange the longer strips of gauze—attached at the neck—as desired to wrap your child’s face and head most comfortably. The vampire costume comes in sizes from XS to XL, and the mummy in both 2T and 4T sizes.

Get the California Costumes Royal Vampire costume on Amazon for $26.75

Get the Fun Costume Mummy Costume on Amazon starting at $34.99
45. Wow the crowd with everyone's favorite toy duo Credit: Disguise / Party City
Giddyup to infinity and beyond with Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Grab your favorite sidekick and giddy-up to this one-piece Woody costume that includes an attached vest, a bandana, a Sheriff badge and a cowboy hat. You’ll have to purchase your own holster and pistol separately. Overall the costume received rave reviews from the wearers, though the hat may not accommodate bigger heads. The Woody costume is available in sizes 3T to 7.

If Buzz is more your child’s style, take a trip to infinity and beyond in a Buzz Lightyear jumpsuit and headpiece. Parents report that the headpiece runs slightly small, though the costume is designed for a child of age four. To take this costume totally out of this world, purchase the Jet Pack accessory.

Get the Disguise Woody Classic Toy Story costume on Amazon for $20.50

Get the Party City Buzz Lightyear costume on Amazon for $48.54
46. Monkey around Credit: Spooktacular Creations
Your little one will stay warm—and look adorable—in a fuzzy Curious George costume.

Who wouldn’t be tickled to escort a tiny Curious George around town this Halloween (the adult-sized yellow hat is optional)? The cute and cuddly monkey costume includes everything your baby needs to mimic his or her favorite character from the classic series of children’s books—even a stuffed banana! Parents note that the costume runs slightly big, so if you have a preemie or a kiddo who is small, it might be wise to size down. It comes in sizes 6 months to 3T.

Get the Spooktacular Creations Baby Monkey Costume on Amazon starting at $19.99
47. Explore a whole new world (again) Credit: Disney
A Little Mermaid costume that looks great on land and under the sea.

Excited about The Little Mermaid remake, or the live version that’s due to hit small screens on November 5? You’re not alone: It looks as though you’re bound to see quite a few Ariels swimming down the sidewalk this Halloween. Get almost everything you need to dress your little one up as the treasured mermaid, with the Ariel Costume Collection from the Disney Store—you can even get a plush Flounder. You’ll have to buy a wig separately, but that enables your child to choose between the classic red locks or the flowing black mane of the new Ariel. Either way, this costume is sure to receive plenty of compliments. It comes in sizes 3 to 13, and should last through many dress-up sessions beyond October 31.

Get the Ariel Costume Collection at for $46.93
48. Go glam, picture-book style Credit: Party City
A Fancy Nancy costume will make Halloween absolutely marvelous.

Fancy Nancy is a favorite literary heroine of most toddlers. With this ensemble, your child can dress up as the colorful protagonist of the well-known literary tomes Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet and Bonjour Butterfly. The costume set includes a tutu dress, giant purple pearl necklace, and rainbow-striped leggings. Purchase a pair of sparkly flats or colorful kicks to round out the outfit, and use a tiny curling iron to get a Fancy Nancy-worthy coiff. The costume is a size 3T/4T.

Get the Party City Fancy Nancy costume on Amazon for $31.99
49. Chaperone a trio of pajama-clad crime fighters Credit: Disguise
A trio of pajama-clad crime fighters is a great costume option for siblings.

The characters from PJ Masks are considered A-list celebrities amongst the seven-and-under crowd, so expect to see quite a few Owlettes, Cat Boys, and Gekkos out trick-or-treating this year. Each of the PJ Masks costumes include a jumpsuit with a detachable tail and headpiece, and you can nab the whole set of kiddo crime fighters for less than $60. Parents do report that the jumpsuits, available in sizes 2T to 8, run on the smaller side, so definitely size up for comfort, especially if your kid will want to use it for dress-up in the future.

Get the Disguise Catboy Costume on Amazon for $19.90

Get the Disguise Owlette Costume on Amazon for $19.93

Get the Disguise Gekko Costume on Amazon for $19.38
50. Be sensitive to kids with special needs Credit: Horizon where hope spread
A pair of superhero pjs are an option for sensitive kids.

For kids with sensory issues, costumes with padding, face masks, or headpieces—and anything that’s just plain uncomfortable—are no-go items. If you’re on the search for a sensory-friendly costume so that every member of your family can truly enjoy a happy Halloween, here’s a pro-tip from a friend: Go with Superman pajamas with a detachable cape. Superman is one of the few superheroes who doesn’t wear a mask, so he’s a perfect choice for children who can’t—or won’t—wear anything over their faces. Add a red cape to these soft cotton pajamas (attach the velcro to their pjs, so it’s not around their neck) and you have a costume that’s sensory and trick-or-treat friendly. The PJs come in size 5T to 7T.

Get a pair of Superman pajamas on Amazon for $15.90
51. Assemble a family of Avengers Credit: Rubie's
Bring your favorite Marvel superheroes to life with Spiderman and Hawkeye costumes.

Got kids itching to join the Marvel Universe? The one-piece Spider-Man jumpsuit comes with the face hood as well as attached boot-tops that go over your child’s shoes. Don’t forget to add a pair of Spider-man gloves to your order to complete the whole look.

The Hawkeye costume doesn’t come with the bow and arrow or the gauntlets, so be sure to purchase those separately in order to get the ultimate Age of Ultron outfit. These costumes come in sizes XS to XL.

If all that crime-fighting has you feeling left out, you can even join the squad as Carol Danvers or Prof. Hulk.

Get the Rubie’s Spider-Man costume on Amazon for $29.99

Get the Rubie’s Hawkeye costume on Amazon for $18.64
52. Emerge from the underworld of the Mushroom Kingdom Credit: Disguise
Your kid will feel like a King Koopa in this Bowser getup.

Being the good guy is a noble pursuit, but on Halloween, kids have the opportunity to be a little evil. One way: dressing as Bowser, the big bad lizard from Super Mario Bros. This costume comes with everything he needs to kidnap Princess Peach and defeat Mario, including a jumpsuit with an attached tail, an inflatable shell, a pair of cuffs, and a scary lizard mask. It comes in sizes 4 to 12.

Get the Disguise Bowser costume on Amazon for $34.20
53. Make unicorn princess dreams come true Credit: Rainbow Estrella
Your child will prance down the street in this Unicorn Princess costume.

For the sweetest and sparkliest costume you’ve ever seen, look no further than this. The fluffy pastel tutu skirt is made for twirling, and the unicorn headband is handmade. There’s no need to be concerned that the sequin bodice will be uncomfortable: It’s lined in soft cotton, so you won’t have to endure an entire evening of complaints about it feeling “owie.” The costume comes in sizes 3T to 7/8.

Get the Unicorn Princess costume on Amazon for $24.99
54. Cast a spell worthy of Hogwarts Credit: Amazon / Rubie's
Just go ahead and enroll them in Hogwart's now.

Grab your wand and a Golden Snitch, because the famed residents of Hogwarts are (still) a favorite Halloween costume choice for kids. Let them bring their favorite literary character to the streets, with this complete dress-up trunk, which includes a Gryffindor robe, the ubiquitous striped scarf, a necktie, a wand, and a pair of glasses. For authenticity, you can even temporarily dye your child’s hair brown and put your special effects makeup skills to the test to add a lightning bolt forehead scar. The costume is one size fits most school-aged kids.

If your little wizard prefers a little girl power, opt for this Hermione costume. It has a detachable cape and a glittery skirt—be warned, it leaves glitter everywhere—that they’ll love so much, it’ll be worn as as a regular dress after Halloween is over. You’ll need to order Hermione her own wand, and perhaps a pair of striped knee socks, both for warmth and a more complete look. The costume comes in sizes 4 to 14.

Get the Rubie’s Harry Potter Dress-up Trunk on Amazon for $33.94

Get the Harry Potter Hermione costume on Amazon starting at $29.99
55. Make the holiday a wrap Credit: Fun Costumes
A family of mummies is spookily easy to put together.

‘Tis is the season to be spooky. While there are lots of scary characters to choose from, what’s easier than wrapping the whole gang up in our favorite toilet paper and becoming a family of mummies? Cotton gauze would better withstand the elements, or you can take the easy way out and invest in actual mummy costumes.

Get mummy costumes for the whole family at
56. Bust some ghosts in style Credit: Party City / Target
Don some coveralls and turn your toddler into the Stay Puft Marshmallow.

If you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, why not go as characters from the classic movie, Ghostbusters? A baby is the perfect stand-in for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and all you have to do is toss on a pair of comfortable tan coveralls—proton pack optional.

Get the Kids Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume at Target for $40

Get Dickies Coveralls on Amazon for $40
57. Head off to Oz Credit: Target
You can't go wrong with a Wizard of Oz costume.

This classic family costume idea is perfect for a foursome, especially if one of you is four-legged. Your little ones will look adorable as the Scarecrow and Tin Man, and mom will feel magical dressed as Glinda the Good Witch. You can even turn a shy dog into the Cowardly Lion.

Get a Scarecrow romper at Target for $20.86

Get a Tin Man costume at Target for $25

Get a Glinda the Good Witch costume at Target for $35
58. Behave like wild animals Credit: Target
The animals have escaped from the zoo—and they want candy.

For the animal-obsessed family, why not show off your wild side and dress like you’ve all just escaped from the zoo? You can purchase a set of zoo-themed costumes, or opt for a more budget-friendly option and get animal-inspired fleece onesies that will keep you warm long after the trick-or-treating is over.

Get the Zoo Animal Family costumes at Target starting at $10

Get fleece animal onesies at starting at $29.88
59. Take it back to the Stone Age Credit: Rubie's
Dress the whole gang as everyone's favorite Stone Age family.

Mom and dad make the perfect Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and who can resist a baby Bam Bam or Pebbles? These costumes bring the beloved cartoons off the small screen and onto the streets of your neighborhood, with authentic touches such as a funky red “wig” (Wilma) and a soft “wooden” club (Bamm Bamm).

Get the Fred and Wilma Flintstone couples costume on Amazon for $38.95

Get the Rubie’s Bam Bam toddler costume on Amazon for $29.95

Get the Tutu Dreams Pebbles costume on Amazon starting at $23.99
60. Do-do-do-do this simple costume Credit: Spirit
The song you can never get out of your head now comes in costume form.

A DIY Baby Shark-themed family ensemble starts with your basic gray hoodie, accentuated with felt teeth. Not feeling crafty? Order these shark hoodies for the adults in the family and an adorable onesie for your kid—it even plays the Baby Shark song.

Get Baby Shark costumes for the whole family from Spirit Halloween for $34.99
61. Put safety first for your construction team Credit: Target / Blue Panda
You might already own everything you need to outfit your own construction crew.

Pregnant? This costume idea calls serious attention to an upcoming arrival. Put on a tool belt and a hard hat, throw on an orange vest, and add an “under construction” sign to your baby bump to bring some humor to the last few (uncomfortable) weeks of pregnancy. Kit the rest of the family out in hard hats, vests, and toy tools, and you'll have your own demolition crew in a snap. It’s a low-effort costume perfect for tired moms who don’t have the energy to deal with complicated costumes.

Get a 16-pack of construction zone cut-outs on Amazon for $12.99

Get a toddler construction costume at Target for $20
62. Blast off to outer space Credit: Amazon / Bristol Novelty
Get crafty with your baby bump and turn yourself into Mother Earth.

Here's another family costume that's fun for expectant mamas: Accentuate your baby bump by painting it like the earth, and cast the rest of your family as space explorers. Turn your toddler into a rocket ship and your other half into an astronaut and get ready to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy—or your neighborhood, as the case may be. If you’re going to do this or any costume that requires painting a pregnant belly, choose a set that’s baby safe, non-toxic, water based, and FDA approved—and that's easy to apply and remove.

Get the Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit on Amazon for $25.64

Get the Bristol Novelty Rocket Ship costume on Amazon for $27.84

Get the Astronaut Costume Jumpsuit on Amazon starting at $39.97
63. Be fit for the Battle of Yavin Credit: Rubie's
The force will be with you when you're all dressed as your favorite Star Wars characters.

Star Wars costumes are always popular at Halloween, especially now that there are so many new characters to choose from. Turn your toddler into the most adorable droid in the galaxy in a BB-8 costume, and suit yourselves up as Rey and Finn. You’ll have to purchase your lightsabers and blasters separately, but these costumes are just right for a family of three.

Get the Rubie’s BB-8 costume on Amazon for $17.12

Get the Rubie’s Rey costume on Amazon starting at $32

Get the Rubie’s Finn costume on Amazon starting at $14.43
64. Kick off a wild rumpus Credit: Harper Collins / Leg Avenue
A cozy onesie turns your toddler into the King of the Wild Things.

Turn yourselves into a page from the beloved children’s book by Maurice Sendak. Where the Wild Things Are stars the mischievous Max, and features a cast of “wild things” for the rest of the family to choose from. Suit your baby up as Max in a onesie costume that comes complete with a tail and a crown. The rest of the family can craft their own costumes with fabric glue, plenty of fake fur, and some creativity.

Get the King of the Wild Things romper costume on Amazon starting at $17.98

Get fake fur on Amazon for $21.22
65. Sign on for this special delivery Credit: California Costumes
This special delivery is one you won't mind waiting for.

For the pup that barks whenever the doorbell rings, this UPS getup is just the thing. UPS box stayed velcroed to the “hands” and the rest doesn’t drag on the ground or droop when the dog is on the move. As the costume attaches around the neck and chest (and over the front legs, for which no measurement is given), you should choose your dog’s size by those two measurements. The hat, which is really more of a headband that fastens under the chin, can be finicky to adjust and keep in place… and will probably only last for a quick photo before it shifts or the pup shakes it off.

Get California Costumes UPS Delivery Driver Dog Costume on Chewy for $12.50
66. Hold tight to the leash so he won't go missing Credit: Rubie's Costume Company
There's no way your dog will get lost in the crowd wearing this storybook disguise.

This Where’s Waldo ensemble is sure to be a hit for anyone who grew up hunting for that red-stripe-shirted, hide-and-seek master. (So pretty much everyone.) The glasses and hat aren’t likely to stay put for long, but really all you want them for is a photo op. The t-shirt is on the sheerer side, which is good for pets who have a lot of fur and might overheat in a thicker material. And, while the quality could be better for the price (no doubt inflated because of the licensing), the cuteness factor alone makes it worth it.

Get Rubie's Where's Waldo Pet Costume on for $24.99
67. Let a four-legged jack o’ lantern lead the way Credit: Frisco
What neighbors wouldn't welcome this Jack (or Jill) o' Lantern to their stoop?

This classic Halloween disguise is well sewn from a soft velvety material, with an appliqued (not screen-printed) jack-o-lantern face. It also couldn’t be simpler to put on, with just two velcro straps, one around the neck, and one around the chest behind the front legs. As with any costume with a hat, the pumpkin top probably won’t last long on an active pup, but the hat doesn’t make or break the costume in terms of the look, so if you just left it at home, no one would be the wiser.

Get the Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume on for $16.99 to $18.99
68. Make “who rescued who” jokes all night long Credit: Rubie's Costume Company
In this getup, your mutt can rescue you right back.

The reasons this pet getup is super: The costume is designed in three parts—the chest plate, the belt, and the cape—all of which you tie into place around the dog. Even though the tie-on style makes choosing the size less fussy than costumes that fit like a shirt, you still should eyeball the size chart.

Get Rubie's Costume Company Classic Superman Dog & Cat Costume on Amazon for $8.50 to $11.59
69. Allow your pup to dig for buried treasure (for once) Credit: Pet Krewe
Any treat-demanding growly noises become parrrt of the act.

If you’ve ever dreamed of anthropomorphizing your dog into Jack Sparrow (who hasn't?), this is the costume for you! The pirate body fits over the dog's front legs like pants, and fastens via velcro strap around the neck. The hat stays in place better than most, with a velcro strap rather than a stretchy string and because it has ear holes—which, seriously, should be a thing on all dog costumes’ headwear, no?

Get the Pet Krewe Pirate Dog & Cat Costume on for $14.95
70. Pop on this sweet treat Credit: Rubie's Costume Company
Suit a bubbly personality.

Gumballs from an old-school machine like one this costume is modeled after may only cost five cents, but the look is priceless. The dress runs snug based on the measurements provided, so size up for pups between sizes. On the other hand, the hat is enormous and has only a flimsy elastic strap to cinch it. Another costume hat bites the dust.

Get Rubie's Costume Company Red Gumball Dog Costume at Party City for $16.99
71. Give everyone the munchies Credit: Bootique
A cute dog dressed as your fave fast food? Resistance is futile.

Dressing your pet as a hot dog? So cliche. A taco costume is mas caliente—and makes it far less weird when other people gush about wanting to just eat your dog up. This costume is simple to put on, fitting like an oversized saddle over the dog’s back and attaching with a velcro strap beneath the belly. The taco comes in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to XXXL, and is pretty good quality.

Get the Bootique Taco 'Bout It Dog Costume at Petco for $21.99
72. Roar with pride for your pup Credit: Pet Krewe
Turn your pet into king of the jungle, in sizes small or large.

This costume draws raves for its simplicity—and it’s sure to make trick-or-treaters roar with laughter when your dog greets them at the door. No sleeves, no back, just a wide collar-like headdress that wraps around the neck and ears and fastens securely with velcro at the back. The mane, er, main issue: the small size is tiny, even for small dogs. Pet Krewe makes a larger and more elaborate mane for bigger dogs, which goes around the head and down the chest, so if its dimensions—it claims to fit a 13 to 32-inch neck—look promising, your dog may wear it with pride.

Get the Pet Krewe Lion Mane for small dogs on Amazon for $14.95

Get the Pet Krewe Lion Mane for large dog on Amazon for $14.95
73. Give everyone a Spielberg-inspired fright Credit: Gimilife
Fearsome or cuddly? You decide.

A not-so-ferocious pup in shark’s clothing—now that’s a Halloween oxymoron that works swimmingly. The quality of this warm fleecy onesie is good, but the sizing is odd, in small to XXXXL (not a typo). Order by length, which is most important, for keeping the hood on the head and the fish tail ended at the base of the back.

Get the Gimilife shark pet costume on Amazon for $9.99 and up
74. Convince doubters that unicorns are real Credit: Pets First
Bring a mythical magical creature to life for one night.

If dressing your pet as another animal isn’t meta enough, how about dressing him or her as one that technically doesn’t exist? (Or so they say…) This well-made unicorn costume, a licensed product from crafty YouTuber LaurDIY, is styled after a baby romper, with arm sleeves, leg sleeves, and a hoodie, plus a cutout to allow pups to go potty without a mess. The fleece costume may be a tad too hot if you live in a warmer climate, so beware. It comes in sizes XS to XL, so if your dog’s measurements fits the size chart—and he or she is tolerant of both heat and clothing—this onesie will bring whimsy to your Halloween festivities.

Get the Pets First LaurDIY Unicorn Onesie on Amazon for $19.95
75. Make Mickey jealous (for once) Credit: Rubie's Costume Company
This Donald is on a mission to make Halloween great again.

This set of hat, collar, and feet look like a full Donald Duck costume, yet doesn’t strap a dog into a hot or uncomfortable full ensemble. It comes in two sizes—small/medium and medium/large—but there’s more leeway with sizing, since it’s not wrapping around the dog’s body. Prepare to quack up when you see your dog styling Donald’s fluffy hair and big bowtie! Just know you may need to get creative with some thread on the foot straps to keep them in place if your dog has small feet and ankles.

Get the Rubie's Costume Company Donald Duck Pet Accessory Kit on Amazon for $11.49
76. Cure someone of arachnophobia (maybe) Credit: Pet Krewe
This well-made costume has legs.

This floppy, fuzzy spider get-up may send the fearful fleeing, until they realize it’s just a cute pup in tarantula clothing. Because the costume on the heavy side, it works best for dogs at the top-end of its size range, described as “animals up to 15 pounds… with waists of 8 inches to 21 inches.” The smart design attaches like a saddle on the back with three velcro straps: one under chin, one behind front legs, and one around the midsection. Loops at the back further secure it to the dog’s rear legs.

Get the Pet Krewe Spider Costume for Pets at Petco for $10.01
77. Prevent the empire from striking back Credit: Rubie's Costume Company
If your dog is small but sturdy, she'll have no problem embodying a dewback.

This impressive-looking disguise, which transforms your dog into the Imperial Army’s preferred beast of burden, comes in only one size, for a dog with a 21-inch chest, and a 15-inch back length. It will take a strong and tolerant dog that matches those relatively small proportions to handle the weight of the sewn-on plush storm trooper—but that also sorta sums up a dewback, too, so there you go.

Get the Rubie's Star Wars Dewback Pet Rider Dog Costume at for $24.99

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