26 Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas


Winter wedding decorations ideas are plentiful and you will have a lot of fun if you can incorporate some of them into your special day. There are several winter wedding decoration ideas that you can apply to your celebration. You can look for some unique items that can set the tone for your big day but be sure to bring the warm shades in at night as well. Let us discuss some of them in this article. The decorations that you can apply are such that can make your celebrations more colorful and festive. Here are some fantastic winter wedding decoration ideas.

Rustic Theme

For your winter wedding decoration ideas, try to decorate with some rustic elements. Items like wooden gazebos, candles, shiny glass candle holders, hanging lights, and wall hangings are great choices to decorate with. You can also use natural elements like snowflakes that made from wood. Utilized wood slice for the placemat ideas it would be so “rustic”.


Rustic winter wedding decorations can be placed in a room with reclaimed wood as the base material without polishing or repainting. The lamp with a dry twig cage is an additional interior that emphasizes the rustic style. To beautify this room, you can put candles along the hallway, then cover some of the ceiling with white cloth that will beautify your wedding decorations this year. Wooden rustic winter wedding decor from weddingomania.


Slice wood that is made as a DIY placemat is one of the smart ideas that can be applied at winter weddings. In addition, this placemat idea also gives a natural impression that is environmentally friendly so that it can instantly bring out a rustic vibe, you can perfect its existence with greenery centerpieces and iron candle sticks that are neatly arranged on the table. DIY slice wood placemat from weddingomania.


The use of wood materials that are applied to the ceiling, floor and part of the walls is one of the characteristics of the vintage rustic style. You can add other interiors that can emphasize the rustic winter wedding decorations this year, one of which is the use of candle chandeliers that are hung with green plant decorations that decompose so beautifully. You can also use a plain white tablecloth to make this wedding decoration more elegant with simplicity. Vintage style rustic wedding from weddingomania.


An easy way to decorate your rustic wedding table is to reuse slices of wood for the area to put a glass candle which is perfected with a sprinkling of green plants and flowers around it. This candle is able to provide warmth that can be used according to the needs of the room right away. The more candle glass that is used, the more maximum lighting and warmth you get. Slice wooden for the area to put the glass candle from weddingomania.

Add Christmas Touches

If you live in an area where Christmas is celebrated in the wintertime, you might want to choose some festive berries for your winter wedding decoration ideas. You can find red and white berry platters, warm holiday themed candle holders, and even some candles with shiny berries in them. They would make your wedding decor more festive.


It’s a good idea to use Christmas ornaments in your wedding decorations in winter to give it a more unique and attention-grabbing feel. Use a series of red berries and green leaves to apply to the scroll menu that is installed at the top of the menu that can be seen by anyone who sees it. You can roll this menu when it’s finished in use so it doesn’t tear easily. Scroll menu with red berries accent from onefabday.


An easy way to bring a Christmas vibe to your wedding day in winter is to put some red berries in a transparent glass cup. Not only in the glass, but you can also apply this series of red berries to the centerpiece which is neatly installed in the dining table area. These red berries can be combined with greenery and also bright red candles. Red berries in a transparent glass from onefabday.


Red is one of the color choices that can bring the feel of Christmas in your wedding decorations in winter. Currently you can apply this color to the use of red berries which are used as one of the main ingredients of centerpiece decorations on the dining table. You can put these red berries into a vase that is perfected with beautifully blooming roses. The combination of red berries with roses as a Christmas centerpiece decoration from fabmood.


Not only used as a centerpiece decoration, but you can also sprinkle these red berries onto your wedding cake regularly without overdoing it. The existence of these red berries can be complemented with pinecones, pine leaves and deer chocolate to emphasize winter wedding decorations that can bring a Christmas feel. Wedding cake accented with red berries and deer chocolate from fabmood.

Pinecone Decorations

The next thing that you can do for your winter wedding decoration idea is to use pinecones as the main element of your decorations. Pinecones can be made into different designs. They can be arranged in rows, or can be placed randomly on the tables, chairs, and other items around the church or your wedding locations. Not only this, the pinecones can be decorated with beads to add more beauty to it.


Pinecones are one of the most appropriate decorations to decorate the dining table for your wedding in winter. So that these pinecones are not scattered everywhere, you can put them in a transparent glass vase that is perfected with dry twigs on it and can be used to hang some aromatherapy candles that give a fragrant aroma in the surrounding area. Decoration of pinecones in a glass vase from weddingomania.


The best way to decorate the table surface that is used to enliven the wedding in winter is to decorate it with pinecones that have been completed with a sprinkling of snow on the outer surface. You can put these pinecones in the same container, for example, put them in a wooden tray that has been painted and re-varnished so that it looks cleaner and shiny. Pinecones in a wooden tray as table decoration from weddingomania.


Instead of using pinecones as decorations in winter, you can also use them for candle holders that can be placed on a flat surface so they don’t fall or roll over. This pinecones candle can also be applied on top of your wedding cake to give a more striking winter statement. DIY candle pinecones from weddingomania.


You can use a series of pinecones, pine leaves, candles and blooming white flowers to decorate the dinner table during a winter wedding. All this series of natural materials can be used as a centerpiece design that breaks down neatly on the dining table without disturbing your space. Candles can be lit according to your needs. Pinecone arrangement, pine leaf, candle and white flower winter centerpiece from weddingomania.

Pay Attention to The Arch

Create your own wedding arch by presenting the winter vibe. You can dress up the arch with some evergreen that are synonymous to the winter. Combine it with some flowers or ribbon to get a festive and romantic look.


The arch design that comes with a variety of natural green plant materials is an important part that must be present at a wedding in winter. When making it, the height is just above the average head. And behind this arch there are also some candles ready to make winter weddings feel warmer. Natural green plant arch from weddingomania.


Look at the arch design made of winter plants doesn’t it look simple but attractive? What you can do for this arch is to add a white cloth that is very synonymous with wedding decorations that are held in any season including winter. This arch has a square shape so it has sufficient area and is also suitable as a photo background with the bride and groom. Winter plant arches wrapped in white cloth from weddingomania.


Not only green plants but you can also add other natural ingredients such as roses that bloom in neutral colors like white. These two materials will work well together and is certainly a smart idea to assemble into an on-budget winter wedding arch. Wooden pallets equipped with candles are additional ornaments that give a vintage impression. Greenery with roses wedding arch from elegantweddinginvites.

Light Up the Aisle with Candles

Make the aisle that you are going through more lively and romantic by placing candles along the aisle. Candles can create a feeling of intimacy. By placing candles to the right and left of the aisle will make your path to the arch full of wisdom.


The wedding atmosphere that is held indoors during winter is the best choice to avoid the very cold outdoor weather. You can make this room decoration more dramatic and warm by using a glass candle holder along the aisle to the beautiful arch that is the bride’s stopover. Faux snow sprinkles become a complementary accent that you can try. Candle holders and faux snow along the aisle from weddingomania.


Instead of using very bright lights for a wedding decoration in winter, now you can try vintage candle holders placed along the hallway leading to the aisle for a more dramatic impression of the room. You can also combine it with the use of candles in the fireplace area and hanging chandeliers that have the same lighting. Vintage candle holder in the hallway from weddingomania.


To welcome the bride and invited guests with wisdom, you can put some glass candles along the aisle to the aisle. This candle is also one of the lighting that can be easily combined with a hanging bulb lamp on a tree branch that has been provided. The two will work well together to create a wedding decoration that looks warm and elegant. Glass candle aisle from elegantweddinginvites.


Another look that you can apply at a winter wedding is to install and place a glass candle holder along the aisle which is perfected with greenery that doesn’t interfere with the arch menu. This glass candle can be placed on both sides of the white runner rug which looks luxurious with views of pine trees and snow sprinkled. Glass candle holders on both sides of the runner rug from elegantweddinginvites.


The combination of candle holders in the hallway area with string lights applied to wooden poles is the perfect combination that will illuminate your wedding venue in winter with warmth. In addition, both of these lightings have a price that is not too expensive so that when you need it in large quantities, there is no problem with your expenses. Combination of glass candle with string light from brides.


The nuance of a winter wedding, which is dominated by white, is one of the most prominent characteristics. Then you can perfect it by using candles along the hallway which are combined directly with greenery which is synonymous with winter. Of course the existence of this glass candle welcomes guests and the bride and groom warmly and friendly. Glass candles along the white hallway from brides.

Decorate the Wedding Venue with String Lights

It will be more festive, warm and comfortable if you decorate your wedding venue with some string lights. Consider hanging on the ceiling, trees, or string up them into a majestic and captivating canopy.


This fairly tall tree branch can be one of the decorations for winter wedding decorations this year, but it is not enough just a plain tree branch. Currently you can use it as an area to wrap a string light that has yellow lighting so that it makes the room feel more dramatic and warm of course. In addition, string light is also the right decorative touch for a rustic wedding aesthetic that you can try. Twinkling tree branches from brides.


Lighting is the main accent that must be used for a wedding that is held at night. String light is one of the right lighting to use at a winter wedding because it can give a warm feel in the room, you can also apply this light in the ceiling area by hanging beautifully. Ceiling string light ideas from brides.

Choose Seasonal Wedding Cake

It would be nice if your winter wedding is completed with a seasonal cake. Just as a pumpkin cake is synonymous with fall, to complete your winter wedding, decorate your wedding cake with edible pinecones, pine leaves, and red berries.


Play with pinecones, pine leaves and red berries for the details of your wedding cake design. This cake design creates a simple winter design. To add texture to the cake, you give chocolate strokes on the outer surface of the white cake which is arranged into five piles and applied vertically from the largest to the smallest size. Tiered winter wedding cake designs from brides.


A wedding without a cake feels incomplete and unattractive. Customize your cake with the current season, when you get married in winter then you can use a wedding cake with white shades and then perfected with pinecones and pine leaves that can be eaten. The melted gold-colored cream becomes an additional luxurious color that can be used as a view and can also be enjoyed with your guests and friends. Wedding cake with pinecones and pine leaves from brides.


To enliven your winter wedding celebrations this year, you can add a textured cake immortalized with holiday-inspired red berries. The white cream on this cake seems to be a snowy decoration to add winter charm to your wedding. You can place this cake in a shiny stainless steel container. Holiday-inspired winter wedding cake from brides.

The above mentioned are some of the winter wedding decoration ideas that you can try out for decorating your reception hall for your wedding. These ideas are all simple yet very effective to decorate your venue for your wedding.

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