25 Refreshing Spring Wedding Decorations with Peach and Mint Colors


Peach and mint are like peanut butter and jelly – they go together like peanuts and jelly. If you’re having a spring wedding, this color palette will bring you back to a more romantic time. It’s also a perfect choice for those who don’t want bright, bold colors. Moreover, peach and mint color palettes are a classic color combination that are refreshing, easy to work with, and it works well for both indoor and outdoor events. To present peach and mint colors for your spring wedding decorations is too easy. First, you can thing about your table settings. Use a tablecloth or table runner, napkins, plates, and placemats in these two colors. Then, think about the look of your centerpiece. Try to use flowers or decorations that have a peach color or nuance and then match them with mint colors on vases or other table decorations. Furthermore, your cake decorations should describe the color. You can choose to use a mint color graded with white for your cake and then decorate it with peach colored flowers. Don’t forget your wedding venue should be decorated in peach and mint colors. Since this palette is soft and natural, you can combine it with white and gold accents to look more elegant. Here are a few ways to use peach and mint colors in your spring wedding decor.25 refreshing spring wedding decorations with peach and mint colors 11

This beautiful mint table setting with peach blossoms and a touch of gold makes for a lovely spring wedding decoration that will steal the show. This is perfect for you to try on outdoor wedding decorations. The soft color will also produce a table design that is calm and doesn’t look boring. A touch of gold also provides a luxurious and elegant table decoration. Mint Tablescape with Peach Flowers from weddingomania.


Adding old lanterns on the wedding table is not a bad idea that you can try. It has a faded mint color and is filled with pursic inside for a spring wedding idea with a soft color concept. In addition to display, this fruit can also be eaten. You can combine some flowers in vases and other table arrangements to pamper the guests at this reception. Mint Old Lanterns from weddingomania.


This mint color tablecloth will give your wedding table setting a beautiful and serene look. You can add a touch of peach to the candles and flowers in a vase for a harmonious mix of colors. To create a beautiful table look, this vintage-style cutlery set also provides a charming table decoration for you to try at an outdoor wedding Mint Tablecloth with Peach Candles from weddingomania.


This Spring outdoor wedding table setting uses mint green and peach colors to give a calm and calm impression. Choosing to apply these colors to the runner table in the form of candle flowers and green plants will steal the attention of every guest who comes. This color is present in rose, peach and white flowers, also gives a fresh impression plus green leaves will complete the look of this table runner. Mint, Green and Peach Table Setting from weddingomania.


This mint tablecloth offers a beautiful and eye-catching wedding table design. Combined with rose peach and wax and a touch of beautiful ivory to refresh the look. In addition, you can add a touch of small flowers placed on the plate for an interesting decoration. Using wood as a candle holder also gives a natural touch to the room. Mint Tablecloth from weddingomania.


These peach napkins complement any spring wedding table setting décor and will provide a splash of fresh color to the table. You can combine it with mint chevron tablecloths and a touch of gold on cutlery to create an elegant table landscape. These small lanterns among the blooming flowers are able to provide a beautiful room decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Peach Napkins from weddingomania.


This mint wedding table with a touch of rose gold and peach will look stunning. Choosing this rustic-style wedding table set will also go well with soft colors. A wooden table combined with a mint chair, rose gold utensil set and some peach blossoms will create a beautiful room decor that will steal the show. Don’t forget to add a white cloth tablecloth and blooming flowers to complete this table decoration. Mint, Rose Gold and Peach Wedding Table from weddingomania.


This wedding table decoration idea with mint and peach centerpieces looks simple but steals the attention of every guest who comes. You can make your own by using a tube glass vase wrapped in mint and peach colored string for the perfect room decor. Fill this vase with baby breath flowers for a stunning finish. Mint and Peach Centerpieces from weddingomania.


Filling a glass jar with this peach color candy will complete your wedding decor. In addition, this mint colored rosti stand also balances the appearance of this dining table. These stacked tarts are also complemented with peach-colored peony flowers for a beautiful, eye-catching finish. This wooden table also balances the look of your spring wedding. Peach Candies from weddingomania.


This mint cake decorated with peach blossoms will offer a beautiful and eye-catching room decor. You can put this wedding table to give the perfect design. Choosing this white bread holder will also create an eye-catching room decor. This simple bread design will not look boring because it uses a charming color combination. Mint Cake Spring Wedding from weddingomania.


This wooden Mr and Mrs sign in peach and mint tones will stand out at any wedding reception. Summer pastels balance the casual feel and look perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. You can put it on any table to give it a beautiful and charming look. Paired with some ornaments on the table this will make for a soft and serene wedding decor. Peach and Mint Mr. and Mrs. Sign Set from asiaweddingnetwork.


This shimmering backdrop incorporates gold, sparkling sequin lace fabric paired with peach, mint, and ivory tones. This will result in a beautiful spring wedding decoration and will be the center of attention of every guest who comes. Combined with frayed edges, this backdrop will look simple and elegant as a decoration or photo prop at an outdoor garden wedding. Peach Mint with Gold Sparkle Wedding Backdrop from asiaweddingnetwork.


This wedding cake with two peaches and two layers of mint with flower decoration will be a wedding decoration with a calm and soft color concept. You can also add some fake flowers on each level to enhance the look of this spring cake. Using this stem cutting stand also adds a natural touch to this spring wedding decor. Mint and Peach Wedding Cake from weddingomania.


This mint lace cake with sugar peach blossoms will spice up your spring wedding party. Carrying this peach and mint color scheme will also offer a subdued, subdued décor. Choosing a cake with four stacks with added lace on each tier will make a beautiful decoration and steal the show. Don’t forget to add a touch of peach color to the flowers in each of these cakes to give a fresh and attractive impression. Mint Lace Cake  with Peach Flowers from weddingomania.


This mint ruffle ombre wedding cake with peach blossoms will look stunning on your spring wedding day. This bright color will also give a unique design and will steal the show. These mint to white ombre colors also look pretty and stunning and go well with the peach blossoms on top of this cake. Putting it on a white stand will make it look more attractive and clean. Ruffle Ombre Mint Wedding Cake from weddingomania.


This pretty peach-colored flower in a mint wrapper will brighten up your spring outdoor wedding day. It will match the color scheme throughout this wedding décor. Choosing peach and white rose colors plus a touch of green on these leaves will make the display look beautiful and steal attention. This mint color ribbon will also beautify this flower bouquet. Peach Flowers with Mint Wrap from weddingomania.


You can also add centerpieces from a mint-painted mason jar to spice up your spring wedding at home. Complete with pink flowers, this will also give a calm and calm color while giving a fresh impression to the entire table decoration. The addition of this lace ribbon will enhance the appearance of this mason jar and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Mint Mason Jar Centerpiece from weddingomania.


Don’t forget to decorate your wedding chairs to get a beautiful decoration. This jar of mint and peach blossoms tied with hemp rope and hung on a chair will create a beautiful and eye-catching spring wedding decoration. Choosing this white chair will also look cleaner and have a contrasting appearance with the floral decorations in this mason jar. Mint Mason Jars and  Peach Flowers from weddingomania.


To give a fresh impression on your spring wedding decorations, you can try adding a touch of peach and mint colors. Applying peach rose ddi to this mint ceramic vase will balance the look of this wedding decor. This beautiful color combination will make your wedding more beautiful and look more calm and gentle. Applying this flower on the table will be the perfect center of attention. Peach Rose Flower from weddingomania.


Add a peach and mint ribbon to one of these spring wedding menus for a lovely décor. Tying a ribbon on the menu and placing it in this wicker basket will also make for a charming design. This unique and cute design will attract the attention of every guest who comes to this reception. This ribbon also has a neat line pattern so it looks more stylish. Peach and Mint Ribbon from weddingomania.


This paper hanging chair chart features mint, ivory and peach colors. This color is in line with the theme of this wedding as well as giving a calm and soft impression in every decoration. Making it yourself will not cost much and will increase your creativity. Adding this seating chart will make it easier for your guests to find their assigned seating. Mint and Peach Hanging Seating Chart from weddingomania.


This peach and green reception area decorated with ivory flowers will spice up your spring wedding. It looks more festive and fits the spring at this time. Some of the flowers blooming on this pillar will also give a fresh and fresh look. Using this mint and peach satin curtain will look more luxurious and elegant. This classic peach color chair also completes this wedding décor. Peach and Green Reception Decorated from weddingomania.


Make this peach and mint ribbon photo booth background look beautiful and elegant. Making your own from mint and peach ribbon and a touch of ivory will boost your creativity while keeping your budget low. Placing it near this tree will also look more beautiful and blend with nature. Ribbon Photo Booth Backdrop from weddingomania.


This mint ombre wedding cake with peach colored flowers in every tier will look attractive and will steal the attention of every guest who comes to your wedding party. Choosing a simple but attractive design, it looks like it blends with the wedding concept with a pink and peach color scheme. Putting it on a cake stand made of shabby wood will also give a touch of rustic style to your wedding party. Ombre Mint Wedding Cake from weddingomania.


This mint lace wedding cake decorated with peach roses offers an eye-catching and eye-catching wedding decoration. Choose a cake with two stacks and add a touch of roses on the top and bottom of the cake for a stunning result. This lace will also give a different look as well as beautify the appearance of this cake. Mint Cake Spring Wedding from weddingomania.

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