No shade, but shade, how has Cynthia Bailey held a peach for ten seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cynthia is a likable person. She serves up killer confessional looks. But, what about the storylines? Other than the “lapdog” claims, there isn’t a ton going on. And what about the overused catchphrases? If I ever hear “CHILL” or “50 Cynt” again it would be too soon.

Cynthia seems like a nice, albeit very thirsty, person, but she’s just not bringing it as much as the other Housewives do. Where are the meme-worthy moments? Other than throwing new “annual” events with her name in the title, what is she doing for the show? Then again, apparently, she must be doing something right since she’s stayed around for so long. No wonder rumors started to swirl that she might be getting fired. And just to spice things up, the other bit of gossip is that Phaedra Parks is coming back. Of course, the Phaedra return rumors started as soon as she left. So, take that one with a grain of salt.

Cynthia (sort of) addressed the firing rumors in a recent interview with The Shade Room. She said, “I have no plans to leave RHOA at this time. Every year there are rumors saying that I am getting fired, or not returning.” Translation, “I haven’t been fired….yet.”

The future Mrs. Hill continued, “I’ve been a peach holder consistently for 10 years now. I love my cast, and my Bravo family. I am looking forward to next season.” Wait. Is that a confirmation that she secured her beach?

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What about those rumors that she got Vicki Gunvalson’ed with a reduced role, which means no peach and a lower salary? Cynthia insisted, “That is completely false.”

Then, she said, “We just recently filmed the reunion, and have not started contract negotiations yet.” That doesn’t sound like a denial to me. More likely than not, it just sounds like Cynthia is in the dark just as much as the rest of us.

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However, she’s retained that peach despite her lack of storyline for ten years. What’s changed now? With that said, we probably will see Cynthia up Kenya Moore’s ass in the near future next season.

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