15 Simple and Inexpensive Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas


Cold weather certainly will not be a barrier if you want to hold a wedding. This should be the right time for you to have an intimate and memorable wedding. To enliven your wedding this winter, several designers have designs and themes for winter weddings. Starting from natural, simple to have a festive look. If your budget is a concern, there are several simple and inexpensive winter wedding decor ideas to consider. These decorations can be easily made at home and are sure to be a hit with your guests. To create a cozy atmosphere, place Rosemary sprigs on each of the table settings. Simply cut a sprig from the Rosemary plant and tie it to the place card with twine or string. Another inexpensive and simple idea is to make your own snow covered pine cones. These are very easy to make and look stunning. These can be hung in the ceremony space or used as wedding favors. Artificial snowflakes and sprigs of evergreen are a great way to create a winter-themed wedding. Think about the candle holder. You can use unused items for your inexpensive winter wedding candle holder ideas. Don’t forget decorate the chairs with simple items but looks beautiful. Adding a seasonal touch to your wedding cake also can be a good decoration for your winter wedding. If you still wondering, below, we have gathered some simple and inexpensive winter wedding decor ideas.

15 simple winter wedding decoration ideas1


One way to decorate your reception dining table is to place a place card decorated with pinecones that are quite large. This place card is equipped with the name of the guest that is drawn so that the seats and tables used are not confused with others. Get these pinecones from your backyard garden to save money on expenses. Although this pinecones place card looks simple, it looks very sweet and looks elegant when applied to the dining table which is covered with some white cloth. Pine cone place card from brides.


Pinecones are one of the winter icons that you can apply to the decoration of this outdoor reception dining table. You can arrange them together with dry twigs that are placed in a vase so that it is more neat and orderly, all of these materials can be used as winter centerpiece decorations. Spray the dry twigs with a white liquid that can be used as faux snow that is suitable for this season. Not only pinecones, you can also use some Christmas balls with a choice of gold and white colors that look shiny when exposed to reflected light. On both sides of this dry twig accent there is a beautiful flower vase that is blooming. Dried twigs and pinecones centerpiece from stylemotivation.


If you want to cheaply decorate your winter wedding day, then candle chandeliers are a smart idea that you must use as a heating accent as well as lighting that can make the room feel more dramatic. The lighting produced from this candle has orange lighting so that it makes the room feel dimmer. Complete the presence of these candle chandeliers with a mason jar centerpiece that is neatly arranged on the reception dining table. Furniture made of wood is the right solution that can be used today. Candle chandeliers from stylemotivation.


Do you want to give souvenirs to your family and guests on your wedding day in winter? If so, then clay souvenirs in the shape of a snowflake are the best choices you can try. Place these souvenirs on a plate so you can easily take them home. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also paint this souvenir part with white color and perfect it with a shiny brown ribbon which is equipped with your name with your partner to make it seem more private and can be a hallmark of your wedding this winter. Souvenir snowflake from stylemotivation.


Garland, wreath and a winter Christmas tree made of evergreen material are winter wedding decoration ideas that can be easily made yourself and can be applied to the seating area as a different view. For the garland, you can try it on the fence, while for the wreath you can hang it on the stone wall area just above the fireplace. Furthermore, for the placement of evergreen trees, you can place them on both sides of the fireplace which can be used as a beautiful heating accent. Usually these evergreen decorations are used at rustic-themed winter weddings. Evergreen decoration from brides.


Cakes are one of the must-have items in a winter wedding decoration. Customize your cake theme with the season. For example, you can decorate it with frosted pinecones and fresh green fir leaves. Both of these decorations can be applied to the side of the cake neatly and regularly. The cake with a white outer cream also emphasizes the snowy winter theme. You can choose a cake with two tiers to make it look a little extravagant. Tiered wedding cake from brides.


Don’t let the wall decorations at your wedding look plain and boring, now you can decorate them with greenery strands that are hung from the ceiling using a fairly sturdy rope. This greenery strand is coated with twinkle light which is able to give a warm and dramatic effect, the more that is hung on the wall, the better for your wedding decoration. Furthermore, the white curtain on the ceiling and hanging down to the floor becomes an elegant addition to the decoration. Greenery and twinkle light strands from brides.


The combination of candle pillars with evergreen is the perfect combination that can be applied along the bridal aisle to the flower arch. Along the way this can be lined with a white runner rug for a more elegant look. In addition, this candle pillar can also function as a lighting idea that can be used when the room feels dark. The candle light that is produced also gives a more dramatic effect that is not excessive. Ceiling string light can be installed at this time as the main lighting that can be used according to the lighting needs of the room. Aisle candle pillar from brides.


Think about decorating your reception dining table. At this time you can decorate it as much as possible by using centerpiece decorations which are dominated by natural materials such as pinecones, rosemary, and pine leaves that still look green and fresh. On the sidelines of these natural materials, you can also place some glass candle holders as a complement as well as being very suitable when applied to the dining table in the current winter. Furthermore, the use of a white runner rug as a background that can be combined with any colored centerpiece. Natural centerpiece from brides.Thecakeandthegiraffe_gingerbread-with-pear-compote-and-vanilla-buttercream-ebf7fd6c236a463d881ee027fe5c906e

A galvanized plate that has this pattern can be used as a container for a second-level wedding cake. An easy way to decorate this cake is to combine red berries and rosemary leaves together at the bottom of the cake. In addition, the carving of this cake is also able to give a different and more beautiful appearance. Vanilla buttercream which has a white color is more suitable for winter designs this year. Vanilla buttercream with red berries decor from brides.


Decorate this part of the stone staircase with glass candle holders that have a variety of different sizes so that they look more varied. Not only candle holders, but you also combine them with evergreens and blooming roses. This staircase decoration is easy to arrange and certainly doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’s not enough to stop here, the candle holder in this stairwell can be used as a winter wedding decoration but can also be used to light the way for guests or families attending your wedding. Staircase decoration from apracticalwedding.


This bridal arch made of greenery and white roses is the perfect combination that you can complete with several glass candle holders on both sides of the same amount. Some shabby pallets that are placed around it can be used to put some candles to make it more secure. This arch can be used as a photo backdrop with your guests and family. This arch has a size high enough so that it can be used as a beautiful focal point. In addition, the white cloth that covers the walls also presents a rustic feel that looks vintage. Rustic style backdrop from elegantweddinginvites.


The series of green leaves tied using this thread can be hung on the back of the chair as a decoration that never goes out of fashion. In addition, these leaves are also easier to get in your backyard garden. Select and use leaves that are still fresh. A little use of roses with bold colors becomes a more beautiful and charming decoration idea. This chair decoration is quite popular to use to celebrate winter weddings. Choose and use a chair made of wood to make it easier to combine with any colored decoration. Winter chair decoration from countryliving.


The back of the chair, which is decorated with a greenery wreath, is a suitable decoration when applied as a winter wedding decoration. Hang this wreath using a red cloth that has a plaid pattern to make it look more colorful and fun. This series of greenery wreaths can be made easily without having to spend a lot of money. Repaint your wooden chair with a deep black color for a more elegant appearance and of course it will seem more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light. Wreath as chair decoration from weddingomania.


Change the appearance of your wedding reception table with the use of DIY place cards decorated with rosemary and dry twigs that can be tied with white and red threads. You can put this place card right on top of the napkin as a beautiful display and of course it is very cheap and easy to make. Use napkins with a more neutral color such as gray to make it easier to combine with any colored and themed centerpiece decorations. Rosemary place card from diyncrafts.

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