113 Extremely Cool Tattooed Seniors


A recent poll has found that more Americans have tattoos today than ever before. In fact, there’s been a 21% increase in people having at least one tattoo since 2012. And contrary to what skeptics believe, they are far from regretting it. In fact, 92%, which is a hopping majority, say they are totally happy with their ink art.

But when it comes to the older generation getting themselves a work of art embedded in the skin, skeptics get even more fierce. Luckily, the stigma is slowly going away thanks to some incredibly badass elders who rock their ink so well I watch them in awe.

So in order to celebrate seniors with fabulous tattoos, Bored Panda rounded up some of the most beautiful and creative examples in a list below. Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics and be sure to share your thoughts on tattooed elders in the comment section!

#1 This Is Tanya. She Is An ER Nurse. Last Year She Came To Me To Get Her First Tattoo Ever... On Her Head

She told me that she had developed alopecia, lost all her hair and that she was finally ready and happy to reclaim a bit of her identity back and own her Alopecia. Last week she came back for session 2 and we did this flower on the other side of her head

Image credits: laurajadetattoos

#2 Whang Od

Image credits: justbry16

#3 A Grandpa Got A Cochlea Implant Tattoo To Become Like His Grandson

Image credits: -criesuncontrollably

#4 Still Collecting Ink After All This Time

Image credits: bowerystanofficial

#5 Thom DeVita Showing Some Ink

Image credits: photodianne

#6 When People Ask What Are You Going To Look Like When Your Older With All The Tattoos? You'll Look Cool

Image credits: emiliogarciaphotography

#7 Met This Guy At Target Today, He Is 75

Image credits: JosCurt2

#8 The Man With The Endless Vibe

Image credits: yonatan_benaksas

#9 69-Year-Old Charlotte Guttenberg Has Officially Become The World's Most Tattooed Person Ever With 98.75% Of Her Body Covered In Ink

Image credits: gwr

#10 Thomas And His Cool Tattoos

Image credits: Ingrid Meijering

#11 One Of My Favorite Clients Of All Time, Ann. She's 69 And She's Amazing

Image credits: meliis_eye

#12 Proud Grandmother Has Drawings Of Her Granddaughter Tattooed On Her Body

Image credits: lucky_hazzard

#13 Look, He's Perfect

Image credits: lyletuttlecollection

#14 Jack Paid Us A Visit Today

Image credits: cheyennesawyer

#15 So Yeah I'm A Grandpa

Image credits: trailer_park_apparel_co

#16 Grandpa Has A Way With Babies

Image credits: terresa7277

#17 1992 Inkslingers Ball - Captain Don

Image credits: photodianne

#18 Got To See The Late, Great Mike Malone's Work In Person On Gary

Image credits: kylejeffas

#19 I Was Honored Yesterday To Work On Glenda Again

Image credits: cheyennesawyer

#20 The Amazing Lilo Is Back. 92-Year-Old And Adding On To Her Sleeve

This woman survived a concentration camp. The holocaust. Cancer. The 70's. And now she's working on her sleeve. Amazing woman

Image credits: babaxx11

#21 This Tattooed Grandma... She's Amazing

Image credits: jed_hill_tattoo

#22 This Beautiful Maori Kween Is Terewai Kingi, She Had Her Traditional TaMoko Tapped 21 Years Ago

Image credits: kahoysf

#23 This Is Grandma Eva. I'm Looking Forward To Be Like Her

Image credits: drewhorner

#24 This Is Incredible

Image credits: davidkshields

#25 I Thought He Was The Best Daddy, Turns Out He's The Best Papa Too

Image credits: mrs.ccoma

#26 100% Agree With You Gramps! You're Livin Life The Right Way. Tell Em How It Is. Wear That Shirt With Pride, And Be The Tattooed Gentleman You Are

Image credits: tattooeddweeb

#27 Coolest Gentleman Ever Wanted His First Tattoo On His Receding Hairline. Him And His Wife Were In Their 60's But Couldn't Have Been More Young At Heart

Image credits: theruemorguetattoogallery

#28 Never Too Old

Image credits: Ingrid Meijering

#29 Such A Cool Grandpa Got Some Bold Tattoos Back In 1950. For Those Who Says Tattoo Doesn't Stay As It Is For Long Terms

Image credits: he_artist__

#30 Tattooed Grandpa

Image credits: batlfldangel

#31 Tex Rowe Telling Tales

Image credits: photodianne

#32 Grandma Gets A Tattoo

On her 90th birthday grandma Heather Brooks got her first tattoo. She chose a Cancer Research pink ribbon to signify her victory after a five year battle with cancer.

Image credits:

#33 Merv. 1980s

Image credits: occultvibrations23

#34 My Old Pappaw Has Waited So Long To Get This Tattoo

He was in the Navy Reserve as a young man and one night everyone was drinking and decided to get tattoos. He called home to ask my Granny if he could and she told him no. It's a good thing she did because the next morning they all woke up with swollen, infected tattoos. Finally, 58 years later, he can cross this off his bucket list.

Image credits: feverxfew

#35 Cool Tattooed Grandpa

Image credits: camo_li

#36 This Is How Our Generation Will Look Like In The Future. Cool

Image credits: christophero.siwero

#37 "I’m Sure My Tattoos Look Very Old Fashioned To My Children, Who Have A Different Approach"

Image credits: womenwithtattoosproject

#38 Carey With Unique Freehand Tattoos

Image credits: womenwithtattoosproject

#39 Grandma Estella Proving You’re Never Too Silver For A Sword On The Face

Image credits: robbiepina

#40 The Great Bill Salmon In The Tattoo Yearbook Photobooth

Image credits: Tattoo Yearbook

#41 She's Amazing

Image credits: triangletattoomuseum

#42 Isn't He Cute?

Image credits: autopsyandrea

#43 "Real Men Ain't No Pussies"

Image credits: drewhorner

#44 Taken On The Queen Mary In 1982

Image credits: photodianne

#45 Some Neck Work

Image credits: anthonydavis83

#46 Bill's Been Tattooing Him For Over 30 Years

Image credits: diamondclubtattoo

#47 Visiting Grandpa Bob Today. We Both Have Old School Indian Head Tattoos. His Was Done By Me 16 Years Ago And Mine - 19 Years Ago

Image credits:

#48 Sacre’ Blu

Image credits: sparksinnewyork

#49 Connor Hanging Out With His Pa

Image credits: oneill_babies

#50 Proof That Age Doesn't Matter. My Grandmother Inked All My Tattoo Ideas. Amazing Woman

Image credits: _homearmy_

#51 Happy Birthday Boss

Image credits: schiffmacherveldhoentattooing

#52 I Wish I'd Look This Cool When I'm Older

Image credits: Ingrid Meijering

#53 Fantastic Old-School Tattoos

Image credits: cardinalguzman.wordpress

#54 "When You Get As Many Tattoos As I Have, There Is Always A Risk That They Become Your Personality; The First Thing People Notice When They See You"

"They can be a weapon, something to hide behind. But to me they have come to represent courage and independence - and a certain subversiveness."

Image credits: womenwithtattoosproject

#55 It's Never Too Late To Get A Tattoo

Image credits: cheyennesawyer

#56 My Friend John

Image credits: cheyennesawyer

#57 Salty Dogtommy's Backpiece. His "Sailors Grave", Which Was Put On By His Uncle, Is Well Over 40-Years-Old

Image credits: drewhorner

#58 Debbie (Sophia) And Vyvyn

Image credits: photodianne

#59 World's Greatest Tattoo Fan, Elizabeth Weinzirl, And Walter Stiglitz, Most Individual Tattoos Record Holder In 1982

Image credits: photodianne

#60 Just Look At These Two. This Is Literally Me When I'm Old

Image credits: yokohama_tattoo_museum

#61 Grandma Got Ink Portraits On The Both Arms

Image credits: salvatierra_art

#62 My Grandmother's Retirement Party. Her Tattoos Are Only A Couple Years Old

Image credits: GnarlsGrodin

#63 My 87 Year Old Step Grandmother Decided It Was Time To Get A Tattoo

Image credits: Apairofpears

#64 My Friend Knows Me Well. “Assuming I’m Just An Old Lady, Is Your First Mistake”

Image credits: the_journeys_calling

#65 Lovely Old Lady Showing Off Her Rad Tattoo

Image credits: drewhorner

#66 If Not Now, When?

Image credits: itsglitter

#67 Yep, She’s Got Tattoos, She Puts Out

Image credits: the_chopper_lifestyle

#68 This Beautiful Young Lady Came In Today For Her 1st Tattoo At 92-Years-Old! Truly One Of The Coolest Clients I’ve Seen Come Thru Our Doors

Image credits: jadedragontattoo

#69 "Rave'n Since 19-Ever"

Image credits: yonatan_benaksas

#70 Jane Is Totally Enchanting And The Biggest David Bowie Fan We've Ever Met

Image credits: womenwithtattoosproject

#71 Brave Lady, Lots Of Respect From Us

Image credits: schiffmacherveldhoentattooing

#72 My Grandma Got A Tattoo From Her Husband, My Grandpa

Image credits: rebelsoul_tattoo_sl

#73 Freehand Roses For Ann-Mari

Image credits: drewhorner

#74 It's Never Too Late To Get Your First Tattoo

Image credits: drewhorner

#75 Gramma's A Champ

Image credits: bethanysaura

#76 "You're Gonna Regret Those When You Get Old." Nah!

Image credits: kstile_gwa

#77 Age Doesn't Matter. My Clients Are The Best

Image credits: alisa_tesla_art

#78 Legendary Rick Walters

Image credits: photodianne

#79 Charlie Showing His Work

Image credits: photodianne

#80 Mr. Maurizio Fiorini

Image credits: photodianne

#81 Gave My Nana Her First Tattoo. You Don't Get Much Cooler Than Her

Image credits: justinsamstattoo

#82 Proof That You're Never To Old To Get Your First Tattoo. This is Bette, She's 76, She Likes To Make Teddy Bears

Image credits: justinsimstattoos

#83 Tatted This Bernini Jesus On His Chin Today. 70-Years-Old And Still Getting Blasted

Image credits: tattoosbykurt

#84 Older Adults Get Tattoos Too

Image credits: ambassadorsofaging

#85 My Grandpa Just Got His First Tattoo: My Grandma’s Name

He’s a farmer and she’s a retired teacher and they’ve been married for 54 years. He said he’s been driving by a parlor in their town for many years and finally went in and got one Wednesday.

Image credits: BlueMetalware

#86 So Honored To Tattoo This Lovely 85-Year-Old Lady! Her First Tattoo Was On Her Bucket-List And She Got Two, One On Each Arm

Image credits: inkbylinda

#87 For My Grandma’s 80th Birthday I Added Another Rose And Some Baby’s Breathe To Her Existing Rose

Image credits: freak_body

#88 Start Getting Used To Tattooed Grandparents

Image credits: fabianrootsman

#89 Hot Chili On His Arm Just Like Hot Tires On His Bike

Image credits: sergioespintattoo

#90 Today I Tattooed My Grandmother, She's 78 Years Old And This Was Her First Tattoo

Image credits: nobyekotattooartist

#91 My Grandpa's On Going Tattoo

Image credits: TheOmega3368

#92 Like Father, Like Son

Image credits: AndyLeeman91

#93 Tattooed Granny

Image credits: lynnssouthernheart

#94 Did We Just Become Best Friends? Yep

Image credits: crawlycoffin

#95 I Love Older Tattooed People. So Grateful This Man Let Me Tattoo Him

Image credits: beckygtattoos

#96 Beautiful Cardinal For Jan Done Today By Albert

Image credits: timelesstattoos

#97 Nothing Beats Grandpa Granddaughter Love

Image credits: camo_li

#98 More Cuddles With Grandad

Image credits: chichirevolver

#99 Grandson Visiting The Tattoo Shop This Afternoon

Image credits: michaelarasi

#100 Believe It Or Not, This Guy Is 78 Years Old And Got Today His First Tattoo. You Are Never Too Old - But You Better Ask Your Doctor First

Image credits: xmannski

#101 Throwback To Tattooing My 88-Year-Old Nana. Such An Amazing Experience. So Much Love For This Beautiful & Tough Lady

Image credits: unkleray

#102 In The Photo, A Mon Woman Is Praying In A Small Church Made Out Of Wood

Image credits: omarreda

#103 An Old Headhunter From The Konyak Tribe

Image credits: omarreda

#104 She Is One Of The Last Tattooed Tharu Tribe Women. They Used To Do Tattoos In Order To Be Avoided To Be Selected As Slaves By The Royal Nepalese Family

Image credits: omarreda

#105 Her Bucket List

Image credits: schiffmacherveldhoentattooing

#106 85 Years Of Age And Sits Like A Rock For Her First Tattoo

Image credits: littlebrotherj

#107 I Love This Photo

Image credits: ahorasoyjay

#108 The Second Session On My Granny

Image credits: le.coeur.ttist

#109 What A Modern Man

Image credits: Hector Garcia

#110 Self Portrait

Image credits: 73poesias

#111 The Old Sea Dog

Image credits: gunnar.von.graubart

#112 I Had The Best Day Ever Adding On To My Grandma's Arm! She Now Has A Poppy And A Sunflower, Two Flowers Her And My Granddad Were Super Serious About Growing

Image credits: gable_rtattoo

#113 My Grandma Is 83 Years Old And We Took Her To Get Some Ink Today. I Drew This Tattoo For Her After We Lost My Uncle

Image credits: morgansilver19

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