11 Home Decor Accessories You Can DIY to Brighten Your Living Room


New year, new home decor accessories! Are you feeling me on this? What better way to start the year than to update your living room decor and invite more positive vibes into your home.

11 DIY Home Decor Accessories for Your Living Room

You know what, I'll be honest here. The living room is the most challenging part of the home to decorate. Why do I say so? For one, the size is a huge factor. Another reason is you really have to think about how you'd decorate it. All the home decor accessories should match each other and blend seamlessly with the living room theme. Indeed, it will be a challenge. But here in DIY Projects, we do not back down. So… challenge accepted! Let's take a look at these DIY home decor accessories that will add brightness to any living room.


1. DIY Plant Shelfie

One of the home decor accessories that can easily light up a room are plants. But instead of just putting pots of plants on shelves or tables, do this DIY Plant Shelfie. It's a unique way of installing temporary wall shelves. Plus, you need not take up any floor space at all too!

2. DIY Foam Wall Art

Wall art is another home decor accessory that every interior designer will recommend you get. They easily brighten up any room effortlessly. However, wall art can be pretty pricey, which is why we rely on DIY magic right? This DIY Foam Wall Art is a very simple DIY project but the end result looks uh-mazing!

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3. DIY Rope Wrapped Candle Holder

Okay, every living room must have candle holders–it's practically required! I love shopping for candle holders but I know how expensive they can get. Thankfully, I found this DIY Rope Wrapped Candle Holder! I can't believe how wrapping some rope around a plain candle holder can look this awesome!

4. DIY Coffee Press Terrarium

Genius, I must say! This DIY Coffee Press Terrarium combines plants and decorative objects all in one beautiful thing. You probably have an old coffee press lying around at home so instead of throwing it away, turn it into a terrarium.

5. DIY Leaf Art


Let's get really creative here. Get a palm leaf, weave it into an attractive pattern, and put it inside a frame to make this DIY Leaf Art. I used to think these projects were only for professional artists. But now, I'm actually glad I can be my own leaf artist…for my home at least!

6. DIY Watercolor Mural Wall

DIY Watercolor Mural Wall | Home Decor Accessories You Can DIY to Brighten Your Living Room

I love watercolor and do you know why? Because watercolor has a mind of its own. See this watercolor mural wall? It doesn't take an artist to do that. All you need is watercolor paint and old rags/paper towels and let the watercolor do its magic!

7. DIY Rustic Wood Lantern


Aside from having candle holders, another must-have in your living room are lanterns! Rustic wood lanterns are in huge demand nowadays and because of that, they're not that cheap to buy. Well, lucky you, this DIY Rustic Wood Lantern project will only make use of scrap wood.

8. DIY Papier Mache Cake Stand

The other day, I was looking for DIY vases I can do when I came across this project. I instantly knew it was brilliant! Who thought cake stands would look great with vases? I certainly didn't! This DIY Papier Mache Cake Stand is really fun to make. You'll feel a bit nostalgic when doing it too (remember those good ol' days when papier mache was the bomb?).

9. DIY Letter Planter Centerpiece

You know how you'd always pay more for customized stuff? Don't fork over the cash yet. This DIY Letter Planted Centerpiece might just be the thing you're looking for. Make one in your initials or perhaps, the first letter of your family's surname? Whatever you choose, this will be a novelty piece in your living room for sure!

10. DIY Cut Out Vase

Turn Any Glass Bottle into a DIY Flower Vase Step Twelve

Now, this is a project for those who don't have all the time in the world but want to re-purpose some jars and bottles at home. You will simply need tape and paint to make your old bottles look like cut out vases.

11. DIY Stacked Books Table Lamp

And last but not least, I added this awesome DIY Stacked Books Table Lamp for those who want to take on a challenge! This project would require some drilling and simple electrical work but the end result is just magnificent! Oh and please, only use old books for this project!


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How was that for some living room home decor projects? Well, personally, I think they're all lovely and I can't wait to put my hands to work! I'm also 100% sure your family and guests will love your projects too!

Which of these home decor accessories are you going to do first? Let me know in the comments below! If you need more home decor DIY projects, you can check out these 11 Easy Yarn Wall Hangings Ideas To Gift Your Friends For Special Occasion!

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