105 Products That Have Cool ‘Surprises’ Waiting For People


What you see isn’t always what you get... but in a totally awesome way. In a world chock-full of truly awful design decisions, it’s refreshing to see things made by people who are thoughtful, imaginative, and who put the user first. And sometimes, they completely stun with the hidden, unexpected features they add to their products. So much so that people can’t help but share a photo of it online.

Our design-loving team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of products that have impressive surprises, tiny little features, and hidden humor that are as close to magic as us muggles can get. We hope that you’ll enjoy these and that they’ll inspire you to look at the creative process with even more innovation than usual.

Once you’ve upvoted your favorite pics, be sure to let us and all the other Pandas know which of these product ideas you loved the most. We totally don’t want to sway you one way or the other, but some of our favors include the cappuccino cup with the delightful miniature ice-cream cone holder on the saucer, as well as the plantable seed tag, among many others. Read to have your imaginations expanded and to see generosity done right. Enjoy!

Bored Panda wanted to understand product design better, so we reached out to Matt Johnson, Ph.D. A professor of consumer psychology at Hult International Business School and Harvard University, as well as the author of 'Branding that Means Business,' Johnson shared his thoughts about user-friendly designs, the potential (and risk!) of unexpected features, as well as what wins out in the end—the power of the brand or the functionality of the product itself. Read on to find out what he told us.

#1 My Dogs Tore Apart A Cactus Toy, To Reveal Another, Sad Cactus Toy

Image credits: SilverTigerstripes

According to Professor Johnson, from Hult International Business School and Harvard University, there are two main questions that we need to consider at the product level. First of all, we have to evaluate how well it serves the functional need of the customer. And, secondly, we have to ask how well (if at all!) it provides an emotional connection, such as comfort or humor. He told Bored Panda that the functionality of a product is of primary concern.

"If the product doesn’t actually solve a problem for the consumer, or make their life easier, it will either create frustration or will be ignored completely. And if this is the case, there will be no opportunity to develop a deeper, emotional connection," he explained.

"The best plan of attack for product functionality is copious amounts of market research—not just asking how the product would be used in principle, but how they are used in practice, and how they would fit into the consumer’s life. One approach here is to perform ethnographies of the consumer demographic in question, to understand the role of the product within their lives," the professor said that the people behind the design process ought to research consumer behavior, wants, and needs.

#2 This Painting I Bought At The Zoo Came With A Picture Of The Meerkat Family Who Painted It

Image credits: PreoccupiedDuck

#3 I Bought A Pack Of Cigarettes And They Came With A Postage-Paid Recycling Pouch

Image credits: p4d4

However, even after the product is launched, the job isn't done. "Even with extensive research, it’s very rare that the product is perfect the first time from a user-friendly standpoint. For this reason, it's crucial that the company continues to collect data from users on how it’s being used, and what can be improved. And then with this data, to continuously adapt and iterate the product. It’s at this stage that the company can understand the emotional impact of the product and make adjustments accordingly," Professor Johnson said that companies have to follow up after the launch and create better versions of their initial idea. Data-driven adaptation and flexibility lead to better results (and potentially happier, more loyal customers).

In the expert's opinion, "there is strong potential" for various add-ons to "enhance the consumer experience and to engender brand loyalty." Provided that the product itself works well. However, the professor warned that the strategy of adding additional features should be considered high-risk, high-yield. Success isn't guaranteed.

"It is much easier for these additional features to fail than to succeed. There’s a major risk that it detracts from the overall functionality of the product, or that the consumer simply doesn’t get the intended humor. There’s also a risk that the consumer, even if they get the humor, doesn’t appreciate the context in which it appears, or that the feature brings down the perceived prestige of the product," Professor Johnson explained what some of the potential pitfalls might look like.

#4 The Logo On My Umbrella Only Shows Up When Wet

Image credits: jaegee0000

#5 My Cappuccino Came With A Tiny Ice Cream

Image credits: SwissJAmes

#6 Diploma Came With A Wallet-Sized Version

Image credits: BearLifts93

"Overall, while these add-ons can, in principle, take the product above and beyond, it underlines the importance of product fundamentals," he said, reiterating that it's a risky strategy. There's lots of potential to reach great heights as well as very low lows.

We were also curious about what's more important: how a product is branded and marketed or its functionality and how user-friendly it is. Professor Johnson, from Hult International Business School and Harvard University, shed some light on the question.

"The brand can play a massive role in consumer decision-making. Generally speaking, the brand plays more of a role when there is less obvious, objective utility in the product. A purse from a luxury brand, for example, will carry one’s personal belongings and any simple tote bag, but the luxury purse will drive purchasing behavior to a much higher degree," he told Bored Panda.

#7 My New Fridge Came With An Explication Of Sounds

Image credits: Aussie_bro

#8 My New Set Of Sheets Came With A Handy Little Pocket

Image credits: ThePlayfulPython

#9 My New Frying Pan Came With A Plantable Seed Tag

Image credits: coogiwaves

"In contrast, simple functional products like scissors or cooking utensils provide a more tangible utility to the consumer. And while the brand will still make a difference in terms of a consumer’s confidence in the product, it will have a relatively smaller impact on the consumer decision-making process," he explained how there's a difference depending on the type of product we're talking about.

"It's also worth noting that these interact in deep ways: A strong brand makes consumers feel more at ease with a product, which increases its user-friendliness," the professor said.

Professor Johnson said that "the brand is a powerful cue that can drive the functional value of the product," referring to a 2016 study conducted by Garvey, Germann, and Bolton, 'Performance brand placebos: How brands improve performance and consumers take the credit.'

"Consumers were given two sets of physically identical golf clubs. In one group, they told them they were Nike golf clubs. That group drove the ball significantly further—despite the clubs being exactly the same as the other group."

#10 My Hair Dye Came With Little Gloves To Cover My Glasses

Image credits: ohkatiep

#11 My Dad Found A Face As The Pocket Of His Pepperoni Pizza Pants

Image credits: cosmosclover

#12 This Baby Pickle Jar Came With A Tiny Elevator For Them

Image credits: unthused

It’s absolutely brilliant when a designer knows what the consumer needs even when the latter might not even realize it. I mean, after learning that there are spatulas out there with tiny little stands out there to prevent the head from touching the counter, can we really go back to pretending stuff like that doesn’t exist? Can we truly eat jerky now without expecting a flossing tool to be added, completely gratis?

Once you’ve seen how good life can get, how awesome some items can be, it’s awfully hard to go back to the clunky way things used to be. We want to live in a world where everything is at least as user-friendly as the stuff on this list.

At the core of good product design lies the desire to solve problems. Aesthetics are important, sure, but they pale in comparison to a thing’s functionality. Ergonomic, user-centric designs are what truly help separate companies from their competitors. If you can do it better than anyone else, how long can everyone else compete with you without copying what you do?

Let’s also not ignore the fact that we love tiny, unexpected gifts. Finding some dice in a wine bottle cork, uncovering a second toy hidden in your dog’s chew toy—these are the things that really get us smiling. Add in a dash of humor (like finding a cheeky sloth on your drink label), and you’ve got us hooked. Entertaining and rewarding the customer without expecting anything else in return is how you make the world a slightly better place. It’s generosity in a place you’d probably least expect to find it.

#13 My Dog Treats Came With A Clip So You Can Attach One To Your Phone And Take A Selfie With Your Dog

Image credits: bjexSALT

#14 This Hidden Sloth On My Brew Dr Kombucha

Image credits: greenbayjordan

#15 The Inside Of The Pizza Box Was A Tuxedo

Image credits: pwenski

A while back, Bored Panda spoke to pie artist Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin about creativity, design, and balancing the needs of the customer with the needs of the creator.

"I have a loose 'three for them, one for me' policy when it comes to my art. Riding emerging trends and tapping into the cultural zeitgeist certainly helps when you are trying to build a following,” she explained that creatives have to pay attention to what people respond to the most, even if they’d love to make only what they want all the time.

"But sometimes I’ll get the urge to create something obscure that I know no corporate partner will care for, and only a tiny portion of the population will appreciate, but will make me happy. So if I’ve got the energy, I’ll go for it. And not shockingly, it is a lot easier to find the energy for these types of works!” she said that sometimes people respond very well to these sorts of passion projects.

#16 This Yogurt Lid Can Be Folded Into A Little Spoon

Image credits: OnTheMidnightTrain

#17 My Coffee Came With Instructions For Tying A Neck Tie

Image credits: dinosaur_copilot

#18 This Japanese Gum I Have Came With Little Pieces Of Paper Inside For You To Spit Your Gum Into When You’re Finished With It

Image credits: Jerry_McPhee

If you ever run into a creative roadblock or feel burnt out, don’t panic. Jessica told us that there’s so much creative inspiration to be found out there in the world.

“All I have to do is look at craftspeople at the top of their game in a couple of different areas—watchmakers, architects, gardeners, painters, poets, etc.—and my mind is filled to the top with new ideas again," she said.

#19 My Copy Of Deadpool Came With A Testicular Cancer Test On The Back Of The Paper With The iTunes Code

Image credits: fuckcnn22

#20 Our New Car Came With Car-Shaped Chocolates

Image credits:

#21 This Pizza Box Comes With A Cutout Basketball Game

Image credits: MapleLeafsFan3

"The biggest challenge to my work is not the 'creativity tank,' it’s the 'energy/motivation' tank. Professional artists who have to balance commercial realities against artistic passions I think all have to deal with finding ways to keep that 'motivation tank' topped up. It’s not always easy! But I find that being around other creative working professionals and talking with them about it helps a lot."

#22 The New Old Spice Sea Spray Scent Has A Little Ship On It

Image credits: purplehendrix22

#23 The Wine I Ordered Online Came With A Tiny Set Of Dice Packaged Inside A Hollow Cork

Image credits: Calliope719

#24 The Box That My Grill Came In Can Be Inverted To Make A Playhouse For A Toddler

Image credits: SexyOctagon

One way to approach design is to fully sketch out the idea in advance. That’s what Jessica does to avoid potential pitfalls and navigate around problems. She also visualizes each and every step of the creative process in order to spot any important steps she might have missed. That way, when she actually gets down to work, everything goes as smooth as butter.

#25 This Nutmeg I Bought In France Comes With Its Own Tiny Grater

Image credits: ginger_mayne

#26 My Spatula Has A Little Stand So It Doesn’t Touch The Counter

Image credits: dgroove8

#27 My New Dress Came With A Napkin, Apparently

Image credits: ENFJPLinguaphile

However, mistakes do happen. For instance, if you’re working with unfamiliar tools, materials, or techniques. Jessica told Bored Panda that these are instances where creatives may need to solve problems on the fly. However, solving these issues on the go can help innovate and discover new, effective approaches to design. In short, they’re ‘happy accidents.’

#28 My Beef Jerky Came With A Toothpick/Floss Inside The Package

Image credits: val_the_impaler

#29 My Gas Bill Came With A Scratch 'N Sniff

Image credits: LadyJane17

#30 This Lemon Came With A Mesh Wrap So The Seeds Don’t Fall Into Your Food When You Squeeze It

Image credits: kzulch

#31 The Squeaker From Inside Her Dog Toy Has Declared Her The Winner

Image credits: MissShananigansbong

#32 Our Ice Cream Had No Expiration Date Because They Congratulated A Long Tenured Employee

Image credits: trey_stofield

#33 I Bought A $14k Staircase Today And It Came With A Little Example Model

Image credits: ibemuffdivin

#34 This Message Stamped On The Squeaker Inside The Stuffed Animal My Dog Just Destroyed

Image credits: chakalakasp

#35 These Japanese Umbrellas Only Have Patterns When Wet

Image credits: rainer511

#36 My Shirt Has A Microfiber Sewn On The Inside To Clean Glasses

Image credits: benjaminrodtx

#37 My Spoon Carving Kit Came With Band-Aids

Image credits: theacropanda

#38 This Pan Has A Thermochromic Indicator To Show If It Is Hot

Image credits: RealNajm

#39 My Backpack's Front Buckle Has A Built In Whistle

Image credits: skabanos

#40 My Husband Ordered A Used Laptop And It Arrived Completely Packed In Little Paper Cranes

Image credits: kamarsh79

#41 My New Wok Has Circles For Measuring Oil

Image credits: emilyr3183

#42 Microwave Came With Optional Braille Cover

Image credits: -TUX-

#43 My Newspaper Came With 2 Printed Pattern Pages To Wrap Presents

Image credits: PlanetGG

#44 My Bottle Of Canadian Whisky Came With Free Public Transportation

Image credits: Holmes870

#45 My Dog Tore Open His Yoda Plush Toy And The Squeaker Inside Is A Heart

Image credits: TimSPC

#46 My Cup Noodles Lid Is A Cat That Greets You When You Open It Halfway

Image credits: AnCapiCat

#47 My Raincoat Reveals A Floral Pattern When Wet

Image credits: trashyfictions

#48 This Can Has A Secret Message Under The Label

Image credits: spencerak

#49 My Bottle Of Honey Has An Encouraging Message For Me When I Left It Flipped Over To Get The Last Of It

Image credits: WallyKundera

#50 My Milk Has Good Advice Printed On The Side

Image credits: PancakePie37

#51 My Beer Has Tips On What To Listen To While Drinking It. Cheers

Image credits: JebSenrab

#52 This Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses

Image credits: Marvin_k2000

#53 I Broke A Yard Decoration That Had 2 Frogs And Found Inside 1 Pig Playing Guitar

Image credits: sansonmr

#54 This Packet Of Sponges Came With A Free Hedgehog

Image credits: Changmeister888

#55 This Fake Driver's License For A Literal Bird Came With My Wallet

Image credits: jourdeaux

#56 The Book My SO Purchased Came With A Bookmark That Listed The Character’s Names And Their Roles

Image credits: koshkapianino

#57 This Training Epipen That Came With My Girlfriend's Epipens

Image credits: Raginghussar

#58 My Goldfish Came With Some Waves

Image credits: sourboi5387

#59 My Receipt Came With A Nutritional Breakdown

Image credits: aleons00

#60 Got This In My Case Of Beer. It's A Can Of Dirt, Which Came With Seeds So You Can Plant A Tree

Image credits: aphatguy69

#61 Got A New Travel Wallet And I Found This In The Back Of The Notebook That Came With It

Image credits: Thewildfalcon

#62 My Knife Came With A Bandage

Image credits: lionheart10801

#63 My Coaster Came With A Built In Activity

Image credits: Steph_WaHoo

#64 The Terms And Conditions That Came With My Bluetooth Speaker

Image credits: mluehring

#65 My Toilet Paper Came With A To-Go Roll In The Middle

Image credits: JDub91

#66 My Hot Chocolate Came With A Teeny Tiny Whisk

Image credits: screwl00se

#67 First CD I Bought In 15 Years. Came With A Cardboard Gramophone. It Works

Image credits: GhostalMedia

#68 My Bra Came With An Info Tag On Checking Yourself For Breast Cancer

Image credits: BaconOfTroy

#69 My Asian "Pringles" Has A Tab To Lift The Chips Up So You Don't Have To Put Your Hand Inside The Tube

Image credits: bakaken

#70 Nail Polish Bottle Has A Swatch Of The Color Attached To The Bottle So You Can See How The Color Looks On You

Image credits: Pastel_Bishop

#71 I Found A Little Pocket Sewn Inside My New Jeans

Image credits: One-one-eight

#72 My Christmas Hat Is Made Of 100% Christmas

Image credits: Deer-Me

#73 I Give You The Greatest Warning Label Ever

Image credits: delta595

#74 Beer Caps That You Can Play Rock Paper Scissors With

Image credits: noodlenugget

#75 Every Vauxhall Car Built Since 2004 Have A Hidden Shark Somewhere In The Car. Found Mine In The Glove Box

Image credits: darkdetective

#76 Gluten Free Has Been Imprinted Into The Oreo Cookie Part. Didn't See Until It Hit Milk

Image credits: Soysause767

#77 I Bought A Tie Today And It Came With A Matching Face Mask

Image credits: Soviet_Broski

#78 This Waffle Pattern Appeared On My VANS Shirt After I Spilt Water On It

Image credits: gregnants

#79 The Back Of This Cereal Box Had Cutout "Actual Reality Goggles"

Image credits: amybris

#80 My New Shirt Came With An Optional Pocket For Me To Sew On

Image credits: tfrdghufvh

#81 These Winter Boots Have A Flip-Down Ice Cleat In The Heel To Help With Walking On Icy Surfaces

Image credits: TheRealJasonium

#82 My New Carving Knife Came With Bandages

Image credits: notedrive

#83 This Hot Water Heater Has A Pie Warmer

Image credits: Hustler_Kamikaze

#84 Multi-Tool Belt

Image credits: Arsenic75-Q

#85 My Baby’s Swim Diaper Comes With Worst Results Washing Instructions

Image credits: JCarp316

#86 These Chairs In A Ski Resort Restaurant Have Room For Your Gloves, Helmet, Hat Etc

Image credits: kazarnowicz

#87 My Gardening Tool Kit Came With A Claw Glove

Image credits: Shrimpio

#88 Amazon Purchase Came With A Personal Note And Some Russian Coins

Image credits: N000ICE

#89 My Thai Food Came With A Chork

Image credits: finchdog

#90 Our Ramen Kit Came With A LEGO Man Butter

Image credits: snilloc5

#91 My Bracelet Came With A Paper Clip To Help Fasten The Clasp

Image credits: nomoredolls

#92 Gluten Free Pizza Came Uncut With A Packaged Slicer

Image credits: phreakyzekey

#93 My New Jeep Came With A Sasquatch On The Window

Image credits: AdrianTheGreat24

#94 My Package Came With A Tape Opener Attached To The Box

Image credits: puntini

#95 My Bob Ross LEGO Came With Deadpool's Mask

Image credits: CozyRedBear

#96 My Moss Ball Came With Its Own Tiny Cowboy Hat

Image credits: ol_qwerty_bastard_

#97 My Bob Ross Bobble Head Came With Its Own Flip Book Of Happy Little Paintings

Image credits: Omnomnomulus

#98 My Online Order Came With Socks For A Chair’s Legs

Image credits: nascentia

#99 My Mont Blanc Wallet Came With $2 Inside

Image credits: nickykeeng

#100 Bubble Wrap That Came With The Dog Treats I Ordered Is Shaped Like Bones

Image credits: Ragiv13

#101 Ordered A New Knife They Give You Two Band-Aids With It

Image credits: Butt-chicken

#102 Drunk Driving Warning On Back Of Beer Can

Image credits: linezman22

#103 My New Shoes Have A Map To Saville Row On The Sole

Image credits: ToughMudderRunner

#104 This Can Of Chips Has A Plastic Slider So You Can Easily Reach The Ones At The Bottom

Image credits: katyvo

#105 Coffee Cup Jacket With A Built-In Cookie Pocket

Image credits: redct

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